Fine Arts Talent Scholarship

The Department of Art and Design at Bradley University offers competitive scholarships to art majors with talent and motivation. The Department faculty strongly believes that funding for talented studio artists is essential. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, the process is simple.

Contact Information:
Vicki Cooksey, Department of Art and Design Secretary,
Deadlines: Preference will be given to those applications received by December 1st.
Requirements:Must be an accepted applicant to Bradley University and Majoring in Art.

Application Instructions

Please plan ahead – your application must be received by Dec. 1. Slides received after that date will not be considered for the review. Please send portfolios directly to the address listed below. Do not send your materials to the Admissions Office. Scholarships awarded are for the following academic year. The full Bradley University Department of Art and Design faculty will review the portfolios. The Department is looking for strong evidence of talent. Scholarships are not related to family income or other grants or scholarships. If you receive a scholarship, it is renewable according to academic standards and regulations established for the scholarship.

Submit the following items:

  1. A completed copy of the Application Form for the Department of Art and Design Fine Arts Talent Scholarship.

  2. Submit 12 – 20 digital images of your best work on a Flash Drive or via Google Drive. Images should demonstrate a variety of work and can include any media. Flash Drives will not be returned. Do not send a returned stamped envelope.

  3. Include a typed index of images, which corresponds to the file names and titles of your artwork.

If you have questions, call the Department of Art and Design office at (309) 677-2967.

If via Google Drive, please submit your artwork to email address: If artwork is on a Flash Drive, submit to:

Fine Art Talent Scholarship
Bradley University
Department of Art and Design
1501 W. Bradley Ave.
Peoria, IL  61625

A Guide to Slide Portfolio Preparation 
Fine Arts Talent Scholarship Bradley University

What is a portfolio? 
A portfolio of artwork should be a collection of your best and most recent work. It is a crucial part of your application. The portfolio helps the school evaluate your achievements and potential, and represents your view of yourself and your work. Many different portfolios are necessary during your career as an artist: for graduate school, exhibits, galleries, buyers, and employers. The preparation of each portfolio varies according to its purpose. The portfolio required for the Department of Art and Design Fine Arts Talent Scholarship should include twelve to twenty pieces in a variety of media. Fewer pieces may not allow an accurate assessment of your potential. We are interested in your drawing ability and use of color in two- and three-dimensional work. There is no exact formula for preparing the “right” portfolio. Art teachers can help you with the selection and photographing of your work, but you should make the final decision on what best represents you.