A minor in Asian Studies requires completion of 18 semester hours from the list of approved courses. There are six hours of required courses. The remaining twelve hours will be taken from elective courses, with no more than six elective hours taken from any one discipline. Courses in Asian languages are recommended and a student may transfer up to 6 semester hours in an approved Asian language. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Asian study abroad programs offered through Bradley’s International Programs.

Required Courses (6 hrs; choose any two courses):

  • HIS 336 Early Non-Western History
  • IS 182 Fundamentals of Contemporary Asian Civilization
  • RLS 331 Religions of the Eastern World

Electives (12 hrs; choose four courses, with no more than 6 hours from a single discipline):

  • ART 243 Non-Western Art
  • ENG381 Literatures of Asia
  • HIS 107 Non-Western Civilization: Modern Japan, 1860-Present
  • HIS 314 Non-Western Civilization: Japan and WW II
  • HIS 324 Barbarians in History
  • HIS 334 Non-Western History: Social (with approval of Asian Studies Chair)
  • HIS 337 Modern Non-Western History
  • IB 204 Business in Chinese Culture
  • IB 205 Doing Business in Indian Culture
  • IS 285 East Asia in the Modern World
  • IS 363 Middle East Nations in International Affairs
  • IS 373 South and Southeast Asian Nations in International Affairs
  • IS 381 East Asian International Relations
  • IS 385 Issues of Contemporary Asia
  • RLS 121 Islamic Civilization
  • RLS 321 Islam and the West: Clash of Civilizations?
  • RLS 336 Buddhism and Asian Civilizations
  • RLS 338 China: Religion and Culture
  • RLS 340 Japan: Religion and Culture
  • SOC 311 Comparative Family Systems

Students may include an independent study and/or topics course (one to three hours of credit) on any topic with an Asian focus, contingent upon the approval of the Asian Studies chair. Study Abroad credit will also require the approval of the Asian Studies chair.