The Department of Biology aims to graduate students who are scientifically literate, broadly trained citizens with the desire and skills to become life-long learners. To this end, we strive to provide quality, state-of-the-art teaching and research experiences for students and faculty, and to attract and retain quality faculty and students.

The department maintains a curriculum that emphasizes active, investigative learning techniques and reflects the current interdisciplinary nature of scientific projects. Highlights of the department are:

  • A Central Curriculum that provides the basics necessary in all biology professions
  • Specific Concentrations available to help students specialize according to their interests
  • Contact with Professors, not Teaching Assistants
  • Small class sizes that allow students and faculty get to know one another
  • Laboratory classes that help students learn from a hands-on perspective
  • Research opportunities through which undergraduates collaborate directly with faculty
  • A newly remodeled science building


A main feature of the biology department is our emphasis on collaborative research between faculty and students (graduates and undergraduates). All biology students are encouraged to participate in mentored research with one of our departmental faculty members.

  • 12 credit hours of research may be applied as elective credit toward graduation
  • 80% of biology majors engage in research
  • Our students present at local, regional, and national meetings
  • Students have co-authored published manuscripts

Please visit the Faculty web pages for a synopsis of their research.