Spring Bjorklund Awards

March 6, 2013

Bjorklund Endowment awards were made to new undergraduate student researchers for the Spring semester. The goal of this request was to provide research students (and their faculty mentors) an opportunity for some research funding to begin their research career. Students with no more than one semester of completed, previous research experience submitted research proposals to the Bjorklund Endowment committee. Students are required to present a brief summary of their research experience to the faculty in April. Students receiving awards include:

Nicole Broden and Braden Schroeder (Dr. Faulkner) - Determining the function and expression of ykuU in Baci!us subtilis

James Collins (Dr. Stabenau) - Examination of satellite cell volume regulatory mechanisms in
leopard frogs (Rana pipiens)

Marshall Moyer (Dr. Jost) - The isolation and cloning of Dreissena polymorpha DNA to determine
the sequence of the AMP-activated protein kinase gene.

Emilie Offerman and Alina Teslenko (Dr. Stabenau) - Examination of the effects of cocainehypoxic
exposure on hepatocyte volume regulation in juvenile Fischer rats.

Gyuzide Redzhebova (Dr. Johnson) - Do putative aminoglycoside resistance genes in Carnobacteria
confer aminoglycoside resistance?

Elizabeth Sprague (Dr. Johnson) - Florfenicol and chloramphenicol resistant efflux pumps
expressed in Serratia and Rahnella species.

Congratulations to all funded research proposals.