Student/Unpublished Research Database

January 30, 2013

At the end of the Fall 2012 Semester a team of graduate students in the Computer Science department under the guidance of Dr. Nick Stover, Associate Professor in Biology, launched the Student/Unpublished Research Database (  This website allows students to self-publish research performed in teaching labs across the country.  Bradley's Fall 2012 BIO464 Cell Biology Lab was the first class to upload data, with more to come soon from classes at the Claremont Colleges, Washington U in St. Louis, and Missouri State.  The Bradley students annotated eleven genes from the ciliateTetrahymena thermophila over the course of the semester, including nine belonging to the CDC20/CDH1/fizzy gene family. Dr. Stover and a team of faculty from these other colleges submitted a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation over the winter break.  The award would fund further development of SUPRDB and help train other faculty to incorporate gene annotation modules into teaching labs.