Neuroscience Minor

The neuroscience minor is comprised of at least 28 credit hours, of which, at least 12 hours are not used for completion of a student’s major. Coursework incorporates the interdisciplinary nature of the field and will provide students with a foundation in cellular and molecular neurobiology and in behavioral neuroscience. The purpose of the minor is to encourage and recognize in-depth study of neuroscience for students majoring in other subject areas.

Required Neuroscience Core (15 hours)

PSY 201 Brain and Behavior 3 hrs
PSY 206 Experimental Psychology 4 hrs
BIO 384 Neurobiology 3 hrs
PSY 364 Behavioral Neuroscience 3 hrs
NEU 470 Neuroscience Seminar 1 hr

Students must also complete at least one laboratory course by registering for 4 hours in BIO 384 (with consent of instructor) or by enrolling in PSY 365 (Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory) concurrently with PSY 364.

Required Foundations in Science (7 hours)

Students must complete one of the following introductory Biology classes:

BIO 111/113 Introduction to Cell Biology w lab 4 hrs 
BIO 151/152 Molecules to Cells w lab 4 hrs

Students must complete a 3 credit hour statistics sequence:

BIO 260 Biological Statistics I 1 hr
BIO 261 Biological Statistics II 2 hrs

PSY 205 Quantitative Methods  3 hrs  

Electives Courses: (6-8 hours; at least one course must be in Biology)

BIO 310 Genetics 4 hrs
BIO 381 Comparative Animal Physiology 3-4 hrs
BIO 419 Ethology 4 hrs
PSY 360 Psychology of Learning 3 hrs
PSY 366 Sensation & Perception  3 hrs
PSY 405 Social Affective Neuroscience 3 hrs
PSY 420 Psychology of Addiction  3 hrs
NEU 490 Independent Research in Neuroscience  1-3 hrs

Note: Application information for the Neuroscience minor is forthcoming.