Why Choose Biology?

Many students like you have not made the final decision about where you will spend the next four years. While you may have come to Bradley University and visited the Department of Biology, we thought we would give you some additional information that may help you in the search process. If, on the other hand, you have not visited us, we hope this information is helpful and we encourage you to visit the department during your search process.

In the biology department, we consider the following our hallmarks: close faculty/student relationships, engaging student-active biology courses that span the breadth of the discipline, opportunities for students to engage in research and internships, and strong ties with local professionals. We offer a re-designed curriculum that covers biology at the sub-organismal, organismal, and supra-organismal levels, and gives students flexibility in designing their upper level curriculum to be consistent with their interest in biology. In addition, roughly 80% of our students do active research with Biology faculty members. In fact, 12 hours of research credit can be applied to the 124 hour graduation requirement. Presentations by biology undergraduate students at local, regional and national scientific meetings are common.

Hopefully, it will become very clear to prospective students, or to any student who enters the biology department, that we are proud of our students, and the work that they do when they leave here as graduates. We have taken care to design a program that encourages breadth early, allowing the student to explore the field and then choose the areas where he or she would like to spend more time. Our placements support that this approach helps our students to be successful in whatever direction they choose after graduation. The list below, while not inclusive of every school or employment venue that our students have taken advantage of, gives you a snapshot of where they ended up during the past two years.

  • Medical, Dental, Chiropractic 
    • University of Iowa (medical) 
    • Northwestern (medical)
    • Southern Illinois University (medical) 
    • Tufts Dental School (dental) 
    • Creighton Dental School (dental) 
    • National University of Health Sciences (chiropractic)
  • Graduate (Ph.D. and M.S.)
    • University of Miami
    • University of North Carolina
    • Michigan State University
  • Veterinarian
    • Purdue University
  • Employment
    • Volt Information Sciences
    • Northwestern University
    • Roche NimbleGen
    • OSF (Peoria hospital)