About Us

Our department continues to be blessed with faculty and students whose exceptional qualities and leadership remain a source of inspiration and pride. Our achievements wouldn't have been possible without the sacrifices and devotion of current and former faculty members, alumni, friends and students. The following list provides a glimpse of what is special about CEC.

  1. Programs Accreditation
    The civil engineering program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The construction program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE).

  2. Endowed Scholarships in CEC Reaches $1.8 Million
    Our department has the highest number of scholarships available to undergraduates of any department on campus. These are awarded by private donors to meritorious and/or needy students. The scholarships range in award amounts from $500 to $2500 per academic year. Some of these scholarships are part of the financial aid package a student would receive if he or she were to attend Bradley University.

  3. We Teach Students to be Leaders
    Our student organizations provide services to our community through building of playgrounds and homes for underprivileged communities. Our students and faculty are expected to be leaders and good citizens. Our four student organizations are among the most active on the BU campus. They provide wonderful opportunities to our students to develop professionally.

  4. Leadership Scholars
    We introduced several scholarships to potential high school students that demonstrate exceptional leadership skills as good citizens in their communities. The awards were to pay for up to full tuition but don’t have the strict high ACT requirement normally expected for such scholarships. This year, four new students joined our department from Central Illinois.

  5. Teaching Excellence
    Our faculty members’ teaching effectiveness is assessed each semester and each faculty member is expected to submit in writing to the chair steps needed to improve. Over the years, our CEC faculty members have maintained an average of 4.10-4.35 out of 5.0.

  6. Substantial External Research Grants
    Currently several CEC faculty have secured over $2,900,000 in funded research grants over the past seven years. These grants provide our undergraduate and graduate students unique opportunities to pursue research with talented faculty that care deeply about their educational development. The faculty provide tuition and financial support to help students with their educational expenses while receiving exposure to the latest developments in their chosen fields.

  7. The Study Abroad Program
    Until 2011, we offered opportunities to students to study overseas for one or more semesters through our study abroad program. Students can work towards completing their degrees while learning about other cultures and having fun in England, Denmark and Egypt. We have agreements with many fine institutions around the world that give us unmatched opportunities to learn and discover.

  8. The BU Putnam Awards for Excellence in Teaching
    The CEC faculty members have received five awards for teaching excellence from Bradley University. Dr. Jerry Abegg, Dr. John McNabb, Dr. Charlie Muvdi, Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji, and Dr. Krishnanand Maillacheruvu received the Putnam award as outstanding Bradley teachers.

  9. The BU Rothberg Awards for Professional Excellence and Scholarship
    The CEC faculty members have received two awards for professional excellence, research and scholarship from Bradley University. Dr. James Adrian and Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji received the award as the outstanding Bradley scholars.

  10. The BU Mergen Award for Service
    Tow CEC faculty members have received this award for professional service. Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji and Dr. Souhail Elhouar received the awards.

  11. The BU Parent’s Association Excellence Awards
    The CEC faculty members have received three awards for excellence from Bradley University Parent’s Association. Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji, Dr. Khaled Nassar, and Prof. Burl George received these awards.

  12. Setting New Standards
    For the first time in the history of Bradley University, a CEC faculty became the first faculty to ever win the highest honor in teaching, Scholarship, and Service. Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji received the Putnam, Rothberg, and Mergen awards. He also won the Parent’s Association Excellence Awards.

  13. Bradley University Caterpillar Inc. Faculty Achievement Award for Scholarship
    The untenured CEC faculty members have received three Caterpillar awards for scholarship from Bradley University awarded to untenured faculty. Dr. Akthem Al‑Manaseer, Dr. Kerrie Schattler, Dr. Enad Mahmoud, and Dr. Yoon-Si Lee received these awards.

  14. Two CEC Graduates are Former University Presidents
    Dr. Jerry Abegg was the president of Bradley University and Dr. Gerald May was the president of New Mexico State University. Both graduated from the Civil Engineering Program.

  15. The Bridge-Pals Program Continue to Serve Our Community
    This program helps high school and middle school students learn more about engineering through analysis and design of Balsa wood bridges. Students from within 100 mile from Peoria are invited to our department and are helped by students and faculty using our state of the art computer facilities to test their designs. The annual event is held in a local mall with TV coverage provided for this event.

  16. Outreach Programs
    Our student organizations provide services to our community by building playgrounds and homes for the needy through Habitat for Humanity. In our department students and faculty are expected to be leaders and good citizens.

  17. The CETI
    Our commitment to leadership through service and quality education is enhanced through the Center for Emerging Technology in Infrastructure. Through CETI, we offer conferences on Innovations on Asphalt and Transportation and the International Construction Innovation Conference. In 2006, the ICIC attracted Scholars, political leaders, VIPs and world class CEOs from 31 countries. The ICAT conference attracted more than 600 attendees in 2014. The US secretary of transportation attended three of the ICAT conferences along with Governor Pat Quinn, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton and CEOs from across the globe.

  18. Honors Banquet
    This function is held annually to honor alumni, student, faculty and friends of CEC. During this function the CEC department makes multimedia presentations in recognition of the many achievements made by the award winners and the department.   This event attracts 200-250 attendees. Our department honors Alumni, Leaders, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Faculty and Board members at an annual function to inspire excellence among all.

  19. Program Assessment
    The quality of the CEC programs is assessed through an elaborate assessment program that includes employers, alumni, graduate students, administrators, faculty, freshman, continuing students and advisory board members. The results are used to improve programs and address weaknesses.

  20. The First Leadership Lecture in Engineering
    Through the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Williams, the CEC department received $60,000 endowment to promote leadership among students and faculty.

  21. The CEC Faculty Textbooks
    Our faculty members have published more textbooks than any other civil engineering or construction department of our size in the United States: a total of 28 in all, counting current faculty members. These textbooks are used at a large number of highly regarded institutions including MIT and Stanford.