Advisory Board

Over the years, our department has been fortunate to have enlisted the help and support of many outstanding individuals to serve on the CEC Board. The CEC Board is led by an Executive Board, whose members are listed above. The CEC Board is composed of distinguished members from industry, academe, and the government who provide advice and counsel to help the CEC department provide quality education and exceed accreditation standards. The CEC department has established the Center for Emerging Technologies in Infrastructure (CETI). Through the CETI, the CEC department has organized the International Construction Innovations Conference in 2004 and 2006 with attendance from over 34 countries across the world. Annual conferences in Asphalt Pavement and in Traffic and Transportation have also been held for several years. More recently, the Innovations Conference on Asphalt and Transportation (ICAT) has been held since 2007. These conferences provide our students and faculty with unique perspectives on emerging technologies and new developments in the field. They also serve as incubators, fostering new ideas and developing innovative solutions with partnerships from academe, industry, and the government.

The CEC Board continues to play a critical role in securing financial support for our students with endowed scholarships of more than $1.5 million, in addition to over $116,000 in annual scholarships. The combined scholarship total is the largest of any department on the Bradley campus. In January 2009, we will send 34 students abroad, more than any other department on campus!  More importantly, we are the only department on campus that is willing to provide financial assistance to its students to study overseas. We have provided financial assistance to every student who has applied for financial support - an average of more than $11,000 is paid out annually. At the end of the spring semester, we hold the finest annual honors banquet. This important event marks the end of the academic year and provides a forum where we celebrate the achievements of alumni, leaders, faculty and students. The following list highlights the areas where our board continues to be active:

  • Helping with ABET & ACCE Accreditation
  • Helping with Outcome Assessment
  • Improving Curriculum and Laboratories
  • Providing Faculty Awareness and Access
  • Helping with Placement and CEC Job Fairs
  • Helping with Annual CEC Job Fair
  • Helping us secure new Scholarships
  • Helping us with Student Recruiting
  • Helping us with Senior Design Projects
  • Helping with distribution of our Resume Book
  • Helping us with our Global Explorer Program
  • Development of the CEC Bridge Newsletter
  • Helping secure Naming Gifts for our laboratories
  • Selecting Outstanding Faculty Award winners
  • Selecting Outstanding Leadership Award winners
  • Selecting Outstanding Alumnus Award winners
  • Development of the CEC Brochure
  • Helping with the development of the CEC video
  • Helping us with Seminars
  • Helping with the Ring of Honor Campaign