Hall of Fame

2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

Mr. Kevin Zesch, Lend Lease

kzeschThis is the highest honor bestowed by the CEC Executive Board upon an individual associated with the CEC department. This recognition is for extraordinary leadership, exceptional service to our profession, dedication to students, and a sustained commitment to the CEC department at Bradley University.

Mr. Kevin Zesch is Senior Vice President & General Superintendent of Lend Lease, a world leader in project management and construction, operating in more than 30 countries and 7,500 employees. He worked many challenging projects, including the $140 million University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Chicago, and the $61.1 million Sears Integrated Business Headquarters Expansion. He represented Lend Lease at the 2011 Executive Summit and spoke on Public-Private-Partnership at the 2012 Executive Summit. He led a group from Lend Lease to meet with CEC students to present employment opportunities and organized BIM presentations at Lend Lease’s state-of-the-art BIM laboratory.

Mr. Zesch is member of the ICAT Executive Board. In ICAT 2016. Mr. Zesch brought in a speaker on BIM to share state-of-the-art advancements in the field. He attended the 2016 Executive Summit and attended the VIP events relating to vertical construction, as well as many other VIP events. His contributions at these meetings are highly noteworthy.

Mr. Zesch provided lectures in BIM to our students, demonstrated BIM to Dr. Al-Khafaji in Chicago. He invited Dr. Al-Khafaji to several construction sites to observe some state-of the-art practices in the construction industry. Mr. Zesch helps CEC students gain new insights into the construction management and technology areas. Mr. Zesch’s contributions to the CEC Department and our students are especially important to CEC’s mission.

Mr. Kevin Zesch continues to hire, promote, and guide CEC graduates within Lend Lease. Over the years, Mr. Kevin Zesch has truly distinguished himself with his dedication, loyalty and service to CEC. Mr. Zesch’s strong involvement in the CEC departmental initiatives and the CETI continues. Mr. Kevin Zesch is a truly worthy candidate for the CEC Hall of Fame Award.

The Hall of Fame Award is a special honor, reserved for exceptional leaders who have already been honored in the past by the CEC Board.

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