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Department of Civil Engineering & Construction
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Hall of Fame

2012 Hall of Fame Inductee

Mr. Warren Knoles Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc.

This is the highest honor bestowed by the CEC Executive Board upon an individual associated with the CEC department. This recognition is for extraordinary leadership, exceptional service to our profession, dedication to students, and a sustained commitment to the CEC department at Bradley University.

Mr. Warren Knoles is Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc. (CMT) with over 30 years of service. Mr. Knoles serves on the CEC Advisory Board and on the ICAT Board. His involvement in the ICAT is tremendous. Each year at the ICAT planning meetings, he makes intelligent suggestions for topics and speakers that would attract attendees to the ICAT and secures high caliber speakers in a timely fashion. CMT and Mr. Knoles personally financially support the ICAT by sponsoring the lunch for attendees and also by covering the registration fees to allow minority African American high school students to attend the ICAT.

Mr. Knoles is the recipient of the CEC outstanding Alumni award and is a proud graduate of our Civil Engineering program. Over the past five years, he has personally contributed more than $20,000 to the department to help it meet its objectives and initiatives. In 2006, he was instrumental in securing a speaker from Japan at the International Construction Innovations Conference. He is an active member of the Peoria Sustainability Commission. He is a loyal alumnus who seeks the best for our department and University by giving of himself and his resources to ensure continued excellence.

Currently, he serves as the president of the Civil Engineering Group on the CEC Advisory Board and continues to work diligently with Dr. Fuessle to help improve program content and relevancy. Through his effort, his company continues to attend the CEC Job Fair and hire interns and graduates even during difficult times. Mr. Knoles' sustained commitment and dedication is recognized with the Hall of Fame Award and Gold Medal.

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