Advisory Board Function

The CEC advisory board is composed of three groups.  These include the Executive Council, the Construction Group, and the Civil Engineering Group.  The chairman of the board presides over the general meeting while the presidents of the Construction and Civil Engineering groups meet with their membership to address issues of interest to the CEC department, students, the construction program, and the civil engineering program.  Below is an outline of the specific responsibilities for the Construction and the Civil Engineering groups respectively.  This list of suggested activities identifies areas of interest to the CEC department and is meant to help the presidents of individual groups suggest roles for their respective groups.  These activities are to vary in scope and extent over a long duration.  For example, the accreditation process occurs once every six years while assessment is an on-going process.


  • Active participation during accreditation visits
  • Identify weaknesses and concerns
  • Suggest means to improve deficiencies
  • Provide input relative to assessment activities of the department
  • Identify employers/companies to complete assessment forms


  • Review of programs
  • Identify needed modifications and improvements
  • Provide examples for integration of design throughout the curricula
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of curricula
  • Identify needs of industry
  • Provide guest speakers to appropriate classes
  • Provide appropriate topics for Senior Projects 

Student Organizations

  • Suggest members to serve as a liaison with student organizations
  • Make presentations on important issues
  • Make suggestions to improve communication skills
  • Meet with students regularly to get feedback from students
  • Help student organizations with contests and campus activities
  • Help to identify service projects
  • Suggest appropriate field trips to construction sites
  • Provide speakers on selected subjects


  • Review our facilities to identify educational needs
  • Suggest specialized equipment to meet industry & student needs

Internationalization (Global Explorer Program)

  • Identify courses to be taught overseas
  • Serve as a voice for the GEP in industry

Industrial Relations

  • Serve as a voice for the department in industry
  • Identify possible new members of stature for the advisory board
  • Identify possible board members for the Construction Group
  • Help CEC Publicize its off-campus activities
  • Identify areas where CEC could better serve industry 


  • Sustainability and Green Construction
  • DBEs and Building Capacity
  • Marketing of center
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Short courses

The advisory board meets annually for one day.  However, its members are engaged in the CEC department throughout the year.  The level of involvement and participation varies depending on the specific initiative being pursued. 

Note that the advisory board meets on the same day the CEC honors banquet is held.  During the banquet, new board members and awards are presented to students, faculty, board members, alumni, leaders, and high school students.