Student Achievements

The Department of Civil Engineering and Construction aims at producing Construction Graduates with a great potential to become leaders in the profession. A recent study revealed that 36% of the construction students who graduated between 1948 and 2014 achieved a VIP status by 2008. These include high level positions such as President, Vice-President, District Director, and other titles. Additionally, at least five Construction Program alumni passed the bar exam.

Bradley University Construction Students have numerous opportunities to participate in activities that complement what they learn in the classroom and help them develop their teamwork and leadership. Our students also get opportunities to travel and attend conferences where they can network and learn from leaders in the industry.

Student Placement

Placement of Construction Graduates

Placement data is obtained from the Smith Career Center and by direct communication with students. For the 2015-2016 academic year, all students have been accounted for and all the students were employed in the construction industry, save for those deciding to continue their education.

2014-2015 92 8 0 100 60,000 45,000 54,250 57,392
2013-2014 100 0 0 100 74,000 48,000 53,183 56,900
2012-2013 91 4 0 96 65,000 42,000 52,142 58,500


Distribution of Construction Graduates By Construction Sector


Distribution of Construction Graduates By Job Title


Student Awards

Associated Schools of Construction Great Lakes Region 3 Estimating Competition

Every year a group of six of our Construction Students participate in the Associated Schools of Construction, Great Lakes Region 3 Student Commercial Estimating Competition. Competing teams are judged by a panel of six construction professionals consisting of senior management personnel. The team judging criteria include team dynamics, estimating skills, LEED skills, QC/QA knowledge, scheduling skills, project logistics, safety programs, presentation skills, and professionalism. Competing against teams from schools such as Michigan State, Purdue, Marquette, Illinois State, Ferris State, University of Cincinnati, Ball State University, Bowling Green State University, and Milwaukee School of Engineering, our students have been able to achieve the following results over the last few years:

Year BU Estimating Team Ranking Number of Schools Participating
2013 5th 10
2014 1st 10
2015 3rd 9
2016 3rd 12

Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association (IAPA) Undergraduate Research Awards

Every year Civil Engineering and Construction students have been awarded three to four Illinois Asphalt Pavement Association (IAPA) scholarships out of a total of ten scholarships the association awards in the state of Illinois. Students receive an $1,800 scholarship award and get a chance to work on an asphalt related research project under the mentorship of a CEC faculty. The students produce a project and a poster that they get to present at the IAPA Annual Convention that is usually held in the spring. The following Construction Students have been granted IAPA Research Awards:

Year Name Mentor Project Title
2013 Jacob Luna Dr. Kerrie Schattler A Shift in Energy The Effects of Unconventional Oil on the Illinois Asphalt Industry
2014 Matthew Lewallen Dr. Mohammad Imran Hossain A literature Review on Aged and Oxidized Binder coated on Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS) Materials
2014 Omar Elhouar Dr. Mohammad Imran Hossain Use of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) for Hot and Cold Weather Condition
2015 Paige Jordan Dr. Mohammad Imran Hossain Distresses within Asphalt Concrete Pavements and use of rePave tool for Pavement Distress Management
2016 Brian Ivancich Dr. Mohammad Imran Hossain Permeable Pavement: Hydrological Design

CEC Undergraduate Student Awards

The CEC Undergraduate Student Award is presented to students who provide significant service to the department, demonstrate professional and ethical behavior in all of their activities, and help the department achieve its mission, goals, and objectives. The recipients receive a plaque at the Annual Honors Banquet and a stipend. Construction students who received the award over the last three years are:

Year Award Recipients
2014 Jacob Luna  
2015 Cale George Jacob Luna  
2016 Peter J. Kozel Connor A. Wilson

Student Scholarships

Our department possesses several annual and endowed scholarships that are used to supplement scholarships and financial assistantships provided by Bradley University. Presently, annual scholarships are awarded to Construction and Civil Engineering students. In fact, we were provide scholarships for even graduate students. A list of the scholarships and other endowed accounts committed to our department is given below.

CEC Endowed Scholarships

No Account Name Market Value
(May 2016)
1 Al-Khafaji Leadership Lecture $ 79,418
2 Beavers Heavy Construction Scholarship $ 104,372
3 Bradley University Alumni with River City Construction Co Endowed Scholarship $ 109,662
4 CCIC Industry Scholarship Fund for the Global Explorer Program $ 19,906
5 Chicago Outer Belt Contractors Association Endowed Scholarship $ 77,577
6 Cullinan Scholarship Fund $ 513,766
7 Doug Pollock Civil Engineering Endowed Scholarship $ 20,239
8 Doug Pollock Civil Engineering Endowed Scholarship for Graduate $ 44,557
9 Elliot Monter Endowed Fund for Construction $ 499,831
10 John P. Hanley Endowed Scholarship $ 9,953
11 John W. McNabb Endowed Scholarship $ 16,153
12 Johnson Memorial Endowment-Department of Construction $ 82,004
13 Mid-Illini Mechanical Contractors Association Industry Fund $ 44,388
14 Philip Z. Horton, Jr. Endowed Scholarship $ 57,860
15 Rathi Bhatacharya Memorial Endowed Award $ 7,356
16 Sikha and Rathi Bhatacharya Endowed Graduate Scholarship $ 12,713
17 Williams Const. Global Explorer Program $ 19,978
Total: $ 1,719,732


CEC Annual Schlarships

No Scholarship Name Awarded Amount
1 Beavers Heavy Construction Endowment $4,500
2 BU Alumni w/ River City Construction Endowment $5,800
3 Chicago Outer Belt Construction Association Endowment $4,000
4 Combined Central Illinois Construction Endowment $2,000
5 Crawford, Murphy and Tilly $6,000
6 Doug Pollock CE Endowment $1,050
7 Ellen & William Debelak $1,000
8 Elliot Monter Endowment $25,500
9 John P. Hanley Endowed $625
10 Phillip Horton Endowed $3,100
11 River City Annual Scholarship $7,000
12 The R.A. Cullinan Scholarship Endowment $22,000
  Total: $82,575


Student Activities

Our students are continuously encouraged to attend presentations and seminars by invited speakers and participate in field trips. They are also given opportunities to participate in community service activities and attend conferences. Some of the activities that our students are typically involved in include:

  • General monthly meetings of student organizations (AGC, MCAA, and Sigma Lambda Chi).
  • National MCAA Convention (four students are typically supported to attend the convention at locations such as Maui, HI, Orlando, FL, and San Diego, CA.
  • The North American Steel Construction Conference (three to four students are typically supported to attend the conference at locations such as Orlando, FL, Toronto, ON, St. Louis, MO, Nashville, TN, and San Antonio, TX.
  • Field trips.
  • Building playgrounds for the benefit of local schools and communities.
  • Building pocket parks.
  • The Bridge-Pal program
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Illinois River Sweep.
  • Golf outings with MCA Chicago sponsoring association