Assistantships & Financial Assistance

Students in the department of Civil Engineering and Construction who are interested in the Global Explorer program can take advantage of the Financial Assistance available through Bradley University. The available options include

  • Stafford Loans: Up to $5,500 available, although any amount used reduces eligibility for the following academic year. Parent Loans (PLUS): Parents may borrow up to the total program cost typically without affecting eligibility for the subsequent academic period. Signature Loans: These programs allow for student borrowing with parent co-signing. Using this type of program will not affect school-year borrowing.
  • Contact: Question pertaining to the Stafford Loans, Parents Loans, or the Signature Loans should be directed to the Office of Financial Assistance Swords Hall #14 at (309) 677-3089.

Additionally, grants and scholarships are provided through the department of Civil Engineering and Construction. For more information, please contact (309) 677-2942.

The CEC Guarantee

Dr. Christine Blouch
Director of International Programs

Any of our students can participate in this program even if he/she can not afford the program because of financial hardship! We will guarantee that their cost will not be higher than the cost of taking the same course here at Bradley.