It is expected that the demand for civil engineers and constructors nationwide will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.  As our government must address problems associated with deteriorating highways, bridges, dams, and sewers, civil engineers and constructors will be called upon to repair the damage done by years of inadequate attention to our country's infrastructure.

The Smith Career Center offers comprehensive career services and extensive networking opportunities for both employers and graduating students. The Smith Career Center offers programs that respond to current trends and economic conditions by instituting the following programs for the graduating students.

  • Individual career advisement
  • Job search preparation
  • Resume development and review services
  • Interview preparation
  • Conducting of early fall and spring classroom presentations which deal with the Smith Career Services available to both the undergraduate and graduating students. The presentations are conducted across a variety of classes so that all students are exposed to the services
  • Career seminars featuring employer sponsored speakers
  • Job fairs
  • Graduate and professional school fair
  • Campus interviews with employers
  • Archived job listings
  • Alumni database employment information for student referral
  • One credit course in job search strategies
  • eRecruiting, an online source that allows the student to post resumes and personal profiles for employers to review
  • Web-based job listings database with application submittal privileges
  • E-mail newsletter with the latest job fair schedules and a long list of links to the websites of participating employers
  • Cooperative Education/Internship Program
  • The Smith Career Center assists the employer in making students aware of the various employment opportunities by employing the following strategies.
  • Posting of current job listings
  • Viewing of resumes online
  • Conducting of campus interviews in private rooms with personalized scheduling
  • Conducting of job fairs during various times of the year
  • Sharing of information via targeted e-mails and mailings to specific students and faculty
  • Cooperating with Bradley University’s Multicultural Student Services which allows for participation in minority career networking activities
  • Arranging for employers to serve as speakers at special events and seminars
  • Acting as a liaison between the recruiter and the Department in order to fulfill special requests
  • Conducting of a Cooperative Education/Internship Program

Our department and the Smith career center work very well together to insure that our students and faculty are aware of employment opportunities.  The level of interaction is second to none on the Bradley Campus.  Each fall semester the Director of the center is invited with her staff to meet with the CEC faculty to discuss future plans and to schedule informational classroom visits.  The coordination of activities by the department and the Center are continued throughout the year through the CEC Placement Director. 

In Addition, and starting in the Fall of 2006, our department started organizing its own job fair in collaboration with the Smith Career Center.  This gave a greater exposure to our students and proved to be an effective method of marketing our students’ skills whether they are seeking internships, summer employment, or permanent employment.

Our department holds its own Job Fair aside from the University Job Fair.  For the past five years, our department has attracted some of the largest companies in the USA to attend our Job Fair.  Below is a list of companies that have interviewed our graduates over the last few years.

AECOM (formerly STS Consultants)
Axis, Inc.
Baxter & Woodman Inc.
Black & Veatch
Blinderman Construction Company, Inc.
Burke Group (The)
Carruthers Construction and Safety Company
Caterpillar Inc.
Ceco Concrete Construction, L.L.C.
CGN & Associates, Inc.
Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
Farnsworth Group, Inc.
Hanson Professional Services, Inc
Harmon, Inc.
Illinois Department of Transportation
Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce
Infrastructure Engineering, Inc.
John Burns Construction Company
Kiewit Corporation
Korte Company
M A Mortenson Company
Morrison Construction Company
Morton Buildings, Inc.
Omega & Associates, Inc.
P.J. Hoerr, Inc.
Pepper Construction Co.
Permasteelisa North America
Power Construction Co., LLC
PSA Dewberry
R.A. Cullinan & Son, Inc.
River City Construction, L.L.C.
Smith Engineering Consultants, Inc
Strand Associates, Inc.
Terra Engineering, Ltd.
The Walsh Group LTD.
Turner Construction Company
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of Transportation
U.S. Marine Corps Officer Selection Office
Williams Brothers Construction Inc.