2017 Outstanding Faculty Award


Presented by the CEC Advisory Board in recognition of outstanding performance at Bradley University.

2017 Outstanding Faculty Member - Dr. Krishanand Maillacheruvu

Dr. Kris Maillacheruvu is the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Faculty Award. Dr. Maillacheruvu’s dedication to our students and the department is commendable. He taught ten courses, including two courses to help a number of our stay on track for graduation. His student course evaluations averages are among the highest in the department in spite of his heavy teaching load. He credits his growth and development as a teacher to his own teachers Dr. Gene Parkin, Dr. Jerry Schnoor and Dr. Rich Valentine, Bradley University colleagues Dr. Al-Khafaji, and Dr. Fuessle, and to his students through the years. Dr. Maillacheruvu volunteered to coordinate the second semester sequence of the civil engineering senior design project while Dr. Al-Khafaji was on sabbatical. He chaired the CEC Teaching Excellence committee where he worked with colleagues on a variety of teaching related issues. He was also instrumental in carrying out accreditation (ABET) related activities.

Dr. Maillacheruvu is active in research and published a journal paper and two conference papers, and supported a student through a REC grant last year. Dr. Maillacheruvu serves as a reviewer for many leading journals including the ASCE Journal of Env. Eng., the ASCE Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, the Journal of Cleaner Production, and the International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. He served on the editorial board of the OMICS Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dr. Maillacheruvu served as the chair of the Publications Committee of the Association of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors (AEESP) and received the 2015 AEESP Distinguished Service Award, bringing recognition and distinction to CEC and Bradley University.

Dr. Maillacheruvu is a member of the CEC Executive council and very engaged in the department. He helped with CEC recruiting when assigned faculty members were not available. He is the Academic Advisor of half of the student body in the CE program and serves as the CEC Undergraduate Programs Management Director. He is the director of service excellence, and the director of publicity. He also served on the ICAT Board, the CEC Tenure and Promotion Committee, the CEC Search Committee (for three different positions) the CE Program committee and assisted the chair in preparing the schedule. He served on the CCET Sabbatical Leave Committee, Easter Seals’ Passage to India, and as a Board Member for the North-South Foundation. He also became a board member of the Hindu Temple of Central Illinois and volunteered at the temple’s Sunday school program.

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