Outstanding Faculty Award

Presented by the CEC Advisory Board in recognition of outstanding performance at Bradley University.

2015 Outstanding Faculty Member - Dr. Amir W. Al-Khafaji

Dr. Al-Khafaji is a visionary leader and brilliant communicator who has set the standard for all faculty at Bradley University. He is the only faculty on campus to achieve the distinction of winning all of the university’s highest awards for: teaching (Putnam), scholarship (Rothberg), and service (Mergen). He also earned the Bradley University Parents Association Award of Excellence and has won
innumerable awards from many significant statewide, national and international organizations for his contributions to civil engineering and construction, and to the global community.
Dr. Al-Khafaji’s signature accomplishments include the spectacularly successful ICIC conferences, which brought heads of states, ministers, CEOs of multinationals, and world-renowned scholars to Peoria. His tireless effort, year-after-year for ICAT have produced high-caliber conferences, which are respected at the highest echelons of government, industry and academe. Dr. Al-Khafaji created the Executive Summit, to bring together high-level decision makers from government and industry. The meaningful dialog from these meetings has produced substantive policy changes, and has helped create a win-win situation for everyone involved. These significant contributions bring great and unique distinction to CEC and to Bradley University.
Dr. Al-Khafaji transformed the senior capstone design project experience by engaging industry partners to bring real projects to the classroom and train students to handle them as they would in the workplace. This gives our civil engineering and our construction graduates a significant edge over their competition when it comes to job placement as well as in their graduate studies. 
Under Dr. Al-Khafaji’s leadership (2012-2013 CEC Annual Report) students and faculty made great strides in scholarship and outreach. Faculty received over $228,000 in external grants, and 42 CEC students worked on research grants, including several undergraduate students. CEC faculty published 16 technical papers and 3 books. 
Dr. Al-Khafaji’s leadership and valuable contributions touched many lives at Bradley University and beyond.  He helped minority and underrepresented student groups by inviting them to attend ICAT and making it possible for them to interact with leaders in the community and industry, and his leadership of the Peoria Sustainability Commission is helping transform Peoria into a community that promotes social quality, green economy, and a healthy environment. Dr. Al-Khafaji also served on the executive board of the Illinois Black Chamber's Commerce.
Dr. Amir Wadi Al-Khafaji is a true educator at heart, taking every opportunity to teach students, faculty, and leaders in the government about how to do something better and how to achieve excellence in everything that they do. His
passion excites and ignites those around him, whether they are students, faculty or community leaders.
The CEC department is very fortunate and proud to have such a charismatic leader and dedicated professional.

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