ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Each year, the analytical chemistry instructors at Bradley University select an undergraduate who has excelled in the area of analytical chemistry to receive the ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry. The ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry established the award in 1967. The awardee receives a subscription (16 issues) to the journal “Analytical Chemistry” and a certificate of recognition signed by the Chairman of the Division and the Editor of “Analytical Chemistry.”

To be eligible for the award, all candidates must have completed CHM 326 during their second or third year as an undergraduate.

Previous recipients include:

2002    Ellen R. Freidinger

2003    Mark A. Brewer

2004    Ian D. Tevis

2005    Rebecca L. Sanders

2006    Marcel R. Bartik

2012    Nathan A. Whitman

2013    Paul B. Calio

2014    Thea L. Hedemann

2015    M. Kasim Malik

2016    Jason T. Bellmore

2007    Terese A. Kreifels

2008    Margaret K. Hammar

2009    Beth A. Boudreau

2010    William M. Lemke

2011    Jordan J. Hinman