CRC Award

CRC Press, LLC sponsors the CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award, given at more than 2,000 universities and colleges. At Bradley, this award is bestowed upon the outstanding student in general chemistry, selected by the faculty from more than 350 award candidates. The award consists of a copy of the “CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics” with commemorative scroll.

Previous recipients include:

2003            Rebecca L. Sanders
                     Kara M. Williams

2004            Bryce A. Cunningham

2005            Geoff T. Girsch
                     Matthew R. Walker

2006            Terese A. Kreifels

2012            Paul B. Calio

2013            Keri L. DePatis

2014            Lauren Lambach
                     M. Kasim Malik

2015            Scott A. Duda

2016            Matthew R. Ferguson

2007            Justin J. Good

2008            Lauren J. Hollandsworth

2009            Felicia S. Couri

2010            Jordan J. Hinman
                     Joshua G. Hinman

2011            Duncan L. Nall