Robert B. Gayhart Award in Chemical Education

This award, established in 2007, recognizes individuals who aspire to teach chemistry, and is named in honor of Professor Robert Gayhart who was a departmental leader (1967-2007) in the principles and practice of excellence in chemical education.

The award consists of a certificate and a one-year subscription to the “Journal of Chemical Education,” funded by the Bradley University Chemistry Club.

Selection criteria

Nominees will preferably be a chemistry-secondary education major with sound academic standing. In the absence of a suitable chemistry-secondary education major, a chemistry or biochemistry major, with senior status and significant lab assistant, tutoring, and/or demo show experience, may be nominated.  Up to three nominees will be selected by the Chemistry Club Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will provide to the faculty a short biography of each candidate that addresses the selection criterion. Potential nominees are excluded from the Selection Committee. 

Previous recipients include:

2007    Colleen J. Eckstein

2008    Renell C. Gamble

2009    Michael R. Hoehn

2010    Elizabeth T. Nguyen

2011                --

2012    Lauren M. Obermaier

2013    Melissa S. Zinnecker

2014    Christina D. Zibart

2015    Christina D. Zibart

2016    Dannielle A. Wentzel