POLYED Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

POLYED is a consortium of groups interested in science education in general and polymer education in particular.  Membership in POLYED is derived from the American Chemical Society Divisions of Polymer Chemistry and Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering.  The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding performance in organic chemistry and to make students aware of the field of polymer chemistry.  POLYED began the organic awards program in 1988 at B.S. granting colleges and universities.  POLYED suggests the following award criteria: 

  1. The recipient must be a chemistry major whose future plans include a career in chemistry.
  2. The awardee’s grade point average should be at least B+ (~3.4).
  3. The student must have outstanding performance in a two-semester organic sequence.

Previous recipients include:

1991    Jill M. Fitzjerald

1992    Gerald A. Weisenburger

1993    Mary J. Smitley

1994    Kevin D. Erlinder

1995    Brian J. Plattner

1996    Jeffrey C. Rastatter

1997    Aaron T. Boyer

1998    Carrie Lee Johnson Waller

1999    Amanda L. Schlein   

2008    Craig D. Koch

2009    Jenny M. Van Kirk

2010    Beth A. Boudreau

2011    Joshua G. Hinman

2012    Ashton Kalhorn

2013    Ghulam Mujtaba

2014    Patrick E. Schneider

2015    M. Kasim Malik

2016    Dawn A. Ewald

2000    Stephanie N. Marshall

2001    Timothy L Hathway

2002    Diane E. Cowel

2003    Carrie E. Wolffe

2004    Kara M. Williams

2005    Bryce A. Cunningham

2006    Ryan T. Funk

2007    Joshua N. Pitzen
             Terese A. Kreifels