Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule: Thursday, 12 noon, Olin 164

August 25 Intro to CHM 380, 386 and 480
September 1 ACS Webinar for CHM 380, 386 and 480
September 8 Dr. Rick Smith – Smith Career Center
September 15 Faculty Member Research Vignettes
September 22 Dr. Michael Bowman, Ph.D., NCAUR, Bioenergy Research, "Identifying Recalcitrant Oligosaccharides from Switchgrass Xylan Hydrolysis to Improve Saccharification Yields"
September 29 Mr. David Gray, M.S. Thesis Defense, "Ionic Liquids for Electrochemical Devices and Functional Biocomposites"
October 6 Dr. Claudio Margulis, Professor, University of Iowa, Dept. of Chemistry
October 13 Ms. Marissa Becker, PhD Chemistry Candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago
October 17 Professor George Bodner, Arthur Kelly Distinguished Professor—Chemical Education, Purdue University
October 20 CHM 480: Angie Purlee and Alex Coulter
October 27 Dr. Oleg Tsodikov, Associate Professor of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky
November 3 CHM 480: Nick Bonich and Nate Townsend
November 10 Dr. Jim Kenar, Research Chemist, NCAUR
November 17 Dr. Kristi McQuade, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Bradley University
December 1 Jim Imlay, Professor, University of Illinois School of Molecular and Cellular Biology