Kurt Field

Department Chair & Professor

Olin Hall 201A
(309) 677-3024

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University
B.A., Hiram College


Dr. Field received the B.A. degree from Hiram College in chemistry. While at Hiram he participated in two summer NSF sponsored summer research experiences at Case Institute of Technology. He earned the Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in 1970 under the direction of Peter Kovacic. Following a two-year postdoctoral at The Johns Hopkins University under the tutelage of Emil White, he spent four years at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as an assistant professor of chemistry. In 1976 he joined the chemistry department at Bradley and has risen through the ranks to professor and chair. In 2007 he received the Charles M. Putnam Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University. His hobbies include bird watching, inline skating, tennis, and sailing.


Dr. Field has taught Introductory Chemistry for science majors and for non-science majors; he has also taught Organic Chemistry to both audiences. He has taught Chemistry and Civilization to Bradley students on campus and in London. At the advanced level he has taught Organic Qualitative Analysis, Physical Organic, Organic Synthesis, and a number of special topics classes (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chemical Intermediates, Hydroboration, Enolate Anions, Industrial Organic, and Chemistry via Drama).


Dr. Field’s general research interests encompass organo-nitrogen chemistry, more specifically, new methods for the formation and cleavage of carbon-nitrogen bonds, the chlorination of alkenes with nitrogen trichloride in acid media, rotational isomerism, carbenes, and the synthesis of small ring heterocycles. He has supervised over 100 undergraduate research participants and six graduate students (MS).


Dr. Field has served as President of the University Senate, Phi Kappa Phi, the local Chapter of the American Association of University Professors and the Heartland Section of the American Chemical Society. In addition he has served on over 60 committees at the College and University Level.