Judy Moroz


Olin Hall 202
(309) 677-3708

M.S., Organic Chemistry, Bradley University
B.A., Chemistry, Bradley University


Judy returned to Bradley in 1983 to teach freshman chemistry labs as a part-time instructor. She later accepted a half-time position as stockroom coordinator and oversaw large-scale disposal of chemicals while continuing to teach part-time. In 2000 she became coordinator for the organic laboratories, and in 2006 a lecturer in the department.


Organic I and II laboratories (CHM 253 and 257); Junior Seminar (CHM 380); Senior Seminar (CHM 480)


Judy has attended classes on instrument operation and maintenance and workshops on green chemistry and guided inquiry for the organic laboratories. She enjoys mentoring student lab assistants and those students who help with lab prep. 


Judy is responsible for the maintenance of instruments used in the organic labs and is often called upon to edit various documents for others in the department.