Master of Science Biochemistry

Graduate degrees in biochemistry are 31-hour programs that enhance your understanding of biochemistry to pursue a professional career or doctoral studies.

Ready for Anything

The degrees sharpen your research skills as you study advanced biochemistry concepts. Though focused on biochemistry, you can take several courses outside the department to round out the degree. Research and coursework continues through summers while you’re enrolled.

You can earn your degree three ways at Bradley. If you want to pursue a research-based thesis option, you can earn a M.S. If you want a coursework-focused degree, you can earn a M.A. Both degrees are available as traditional two-year programs or as five-year integrated degrees. If you’re interested in the accelerated degree, you apply as a junior and begin graduate courses as a senior.

Making your Mark

Graduate biochemistry degrees are valuable for scientists, doctors and researchers. In recent years, graduates found work at places such as Eli Lilly and Co., U.S. Department of Agriculture, CITGO Petroleum Corp. and Exelon Energy.

Graduate Program Requirements

Students must complete a total of 31 semester hours, including the required courses listed below. The department's graduate coordinator will review the transcript of each graduate student to ensure that students do not repeat courses that they have already completed (C or better) at the undergraduate level.

Required Courses

  • CHM 520: Instrumental Analysis - 4 hrs
    or CHM 536: Inorganic Chemistry - 3 hrs.
  • CHM 524: Fundamentals of Separation Science - 3 hrs.
  • CHM 562: Protein Structure and Function - 3 hrs.
  • CHM 566: Intermediary Metabolism - 3 hrs.
  • CHM 570: Physical Chemistry I - 3 hrs.
  • CHM 580: Literature Seminar in Chemistry and Biochemistry- 1 hr.
  • CHM 697: Research - 10 total hrs.
  • CHM 699: Thesis - 1 hr.

Elective Courses - The remainder of the 31 required hours must be met by elective courses with no less than half of those credits coming from the biochemistry list below. Any remaining electives can be 500-level Chemistry courses (CHM) or up to six graduate credit hours from cognate fields. Cognate courses must be approved, prior to enrollment, by the thesis advisor, department chair, and graduate coordinator.

  • CHM 564: Biochemical Literature - 1-2 hrs.
  • CHM 568: Topics in Biochemistry - 1–3 hrs.
  • BIO 509: Human Genetics - 3 hrs.
  • BIO 564: Advanced Cell Biology - 3 hrs.
  • BIO 568: Cell and Molecular Immunology -3–4 hrs.