David C. Horowitz Auditorium

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room: 126

There is  a capacity of 127 with tiered seating.

Service Bureau

Caterpillar Global Communications Center, Room: 210

Times: 8am - 10pm Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Friday, 12pm - 6pm Saturday, 3pm - 8pm Sunday

Printers, Audio & Video Equipment, and Laptops

The Service Bureau offers equipment check outprinting, and tech support for the Caterpillar Global Communication Center Labs. 

Video Conference Room

The main video conferencing facility is located in CGCC 124. This state-of-the-art facility seats 32 participants in the round. You can do a point-to-point (1 remote site) or a multipoint videoconference (up to 3 remote sites). This facility allows for desktop/laptop display and transmission, VHS and DVD playback and record, and audio conferencing.

John C Hench Production Arts Studio

The John C. Hench Production Art Studio was dedicated on October 16th, 2007. The generous donations of John Hench, whose 65-year career at Walt Disney spanned from artist and animator to theme park designer, continue to keep the facility up to date with the latest technology. The 1200 square-foot high-definition studio boasts three cameras with TelePrompTers, professionally-designed sets, and a Strand-Century fully dimmable lighting system, along with a full scene shop and green room. A Tricaster 8000 switcher is the centerpiece for a control room designed with education in mind, with features like oversized monitors, an overhead camera for the switcher, extra headset connections and stadium seating. A digital audio board was also recently installed. The rest of the facility hosts ten editing bays with the latest Avid Media Composer software, all interconnected via an Avid ISIS storage system. There are four additional bays and a small studio dedicated to audio-only project work.