Speech Team is Runner Up at National Tournament

June 28, 2010

The Bradley Speech Team finished second at the recently completed National Forensics Association Tournament in Athens, Ohio.  Congratulations to Director Dan Smith, Assistant Director Tyler Billman and the entire speech team on a fantastic year!

Results as follows:

National Finalist (top 6)
4th place - Patrick Campbell (sr., Jackson, WI)

National Quarterfinalists (top 24)
Angela Rini (sr., Carol Stream, IL)
Amanda Voirol (sr., Wolcottville, IN)
Molly Quirk (jr., Fullerton, CA)
Camille Yameen (soph., Liberty, MO)
Ben Gaddis (fr., St. Charles, IL)
National Semifinalists (top12)
Suswara Gayam (sr., Peoria, IL)
Rebi Roos (soph., Germantown Hills, IL)
National Finalist
3rd place - Cecil Blutcher (fr., Olympia Fields, IL)

National Quarterfinalist
Cecil Blutcher
National Semifinalist
Miranda Morgan (sr., Madison, WI)

National Quarterfinalists
Amanda Voirol
Camille Yameen
Jacoby Cochran (fr., Chicago Heights, IL)
National Semifinalist
Becky Suhr (jr., Palatine, IL)

National Quarterfinalists
Camille Yameen
Jacoby Cochran
National Finalists
5th place - Jared Boyer (sr., Freeport, IL)
3rd place - Patrick Campbell

National Quarterfinalists
Cecil Blutcher
Vanessa Garcia (fr., Fullerton, CA)
Justin Restaino (fr., Fullerton, CA)
National Semifinalist
Jared Boyer
National Finalists
6th - Jonathan Spence (fr., Wauwatosa, WI)
5th - Camille Yameen

National Finalist
NATIONAL CHAMPION - Patrick Campbell

National Quarterfinalists
Matt Weibel (jr., Oak Lawn, IL)
Angela Cervantes (soph., Fullerton, CA)
Vanessa Garcia
Junior Ocasio (fr., Kewanee, IL)
Chris Simmons (fr., Belleville, IL)
National Semifinalist
Jonathan Spence
National Finalist
2nd place - Miranda Morgan

National Semifinalist
Amanda Voirol
National Finalist
3rd place - Becky Suhr

National Quarterfinalists
Miranda Morgan / Camille Yameen
Matt Weibel / Rebi Roos
Cecil Blutcher / Jacoby Cochran
Jonathan Spence / Chris Simmons
National Semifinalists
Cecil Blutcher / Jonathan Spence
National Finalists
5th - Jared Boyer / Ryan Marquardt (jr., Bloomington, IL)
2nd - Jared Boyer / Amanda Voirol

PENTATHLON (most points scored by a student entered in 5 different events - top 15 awarded)
15th - Camille Yameen
13th - Miranda Morgan
11th - Amanda Voirol
10th - Cecil Blutcher
6th - Patrick Campbell
4th - Jared Boyer

OPEN TEAM SWEEPSTAKES (50 - 149 entries)
10th - Miami University (OH) - 193 pts.
9th - Saint Josephs University - 193.5 pts.
8th - University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire - 243 pts. (DoF is former BU DoF Karen Morris)
7th - Northwestern University - 246 pts.
6th - Eastern Michigan University - 251 pts.
5th - University of Texas at Austin - 308 pts.
4th - Ohio University - 355.5 pts.
3rd - Illinois State University - 375.5 pts. (grad. asst. is BU alum Mike Storr)
2nd - BRADLEY UNIVERSITY - 525 pts.
1st - Western Kentucky University - 610.5 pts. (ADoF is former BU ADoF Dawn Lowry)

Other team results of note to the BU family/tradition:
Division 1 Sweeps (24-50 entries)
10th - Marian University (DoF is BU alum George LaMaster)
Division 3 Sweeps (1-13 entries)
6th - University of Wisconsin-Madison (DoF is BU alum Ben Jedd)