Punya Krishnappa Participates in the Washington Center Seminar Over Break

January 20, 2011

Krishnappa confirms career path in D.C

Punya Krishappa visited the nation's capital earlier this month to participate in The Washington Center's seminar, "Inside Washington." For two weeks, she talked politics, met student leaders from across the nation, and even started looking at D.C. as a future home.

"This opportunity confirmed my desire to pursue a career in public service," Krishnappa said. "D.C. is an energetic and lively city. It's where everything happens, and maybe one day I'll live there."

Krishnappa has been destined for public service since her days at Harry D. Jacobs High School, where she served as student body vice president. Her penchant for leadership continued into her college career at Bradley University, where the senior in public relations has served on the Student Senate and is a current member of Students Promoting Political Involvement.

In D.C. this month, Krishnappa and fellow Bradley students Nick Swiatkowski and Sarah Nichelson learned about the new Congress and how politicians use, and misuse, the media. The three will even appeared on C-SPAN last week, talking with the network's CEO about student leadership. They also sat in on a taping of "Washington Journal," C-SPAN's daily political call-in program.

Each year, Bradley students participate in The Washington Center seminars to get an inside look at the federal government while earning course credit at Bradley. The experiential learning opportunity brings political science education to life.

"I was able to tie what I learned during the seminar back to what I have been learning at Bradley," Krishnappa said.

Rubbing elbows in the capital is also a chance for these active student leaders to see how a leadership position at Bradley might develop into a long-term commitment to public service.

The Bradley students met recently elected Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, scoped out the offices of Senator John McCain and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and attended a State Department press briefing.

"I think the biggest takeaway is the realization that people coming from all parts of the nation are going to have very different perspectives, things I wouldn't even consider, so the best way to get things done is to sit down and talk, listen, and be honest," said Swiatkowski, Bradley's student body president.