Jacob Huberman '04, Film Editor in Hollywood

February 18, 2011

Huberman discovered mentor, passion at Bradley

When Jacob Huberman, '04 was asked to describe his Bradley experience in one word, he didn't hesitate to respond: Bob. Huberman attributes his success to his Midstate Magazine advisor and communication professor Bob Jacobs.

"I learned how to do short biographies watching Bob doing videography work and biographies on different people in the community and around the country [in 'Postcards from Home']," Huberman said. "He knows how to tell someone a story in two or three minutes. He's good at capturing those moments in an emotional way."

Now working as an editor in Los Angeles, Huberman just wrapped up work on the 2011 Society of Camera Operators Awards along with fellow alum Riannah Pouncy '10. Huberman edited four Lifetime Achievement biographies, the service award for Michael Ferris, and a commercial for a new camera system. Pouncy was the post-production assistant on the project. She selected the music that was used during the Lifetime Achievement awards.

Huberman credits his editing savvy to Jacobs and says the Bradley professor remains his mentor.

"Well, everybody who teaches should want their students to think of them as their mentor because that's what we are," Jacobs said. "Guys like Jake, and dozens of other students, cling to me and hang on and go through this process of four years together, and we learn from each other. I learned as much from Jake as he did from me as we worked on projects together."

Huberman remembers Jacobs asking students at the end of the day, "Why do you do this?" Even if he wasn't always sure how to respond to that question in the past, Huberman doesn't hesitate with his answer these days.

"This is the type of job where I can wake up and do it all day, and I don't notice time passing," Huberman said. "I can sit down and edit for a long period of time and not just enjoy it, but get lost in it, be passionate about it, and put the extra hours in. I think part of going to Bradley is discovering what field or job you can do that makes you feel that way. For me, it is editing. And I learned from Bob Jacobs."