Frazier Wins National Award

September 2, 2010

Jan Frazier, instructor in the Communication Dept, recently won a first-place national award given by National Federation of Press Women for her novel, Destination Disaster. It is the fourth in the series of eight fantasy/adventure books for young adults. Destination Disaster sees the heroine and her companion, Smitty the Ghost, racing in time from one disaster to another, saving those who will change the world's destiny. Their stops include such places as Pompeii for a little lava flow, Italy for a cup of Black Death, London where things really heat up with the London Fire, and the final stop, New York City, September 11, 2001. The series was designed to help students realize the value of travel done through the fantasy genre, with most of the novels taking place in Europe.

The Awards Banquet was hosted by National Federation of Press Women and was held on Saturday, August 28, in the Union League of Chicago, recently named the top private club in the nation. The formal banquet was held in the elegant Crystal Ballroom and preceded by book signings, a reception, and a live auction for the education fun.