COM Student Interns with Atlantic Records in NYC!

July 6, 2011

When Justin Berkowitz moved to the New York City area for the summer, he found himself in a new world. He had never seen so many people in his life.

"It was an absolute shock to me when I walked out of the train station for the first time," Berkowitz said. "Just looking around and seeing hundreds of people in every direction moving a million miles a second was absolutely mind-blowing for me. I had never seen anything like it."

Berkowitz, an electronic media student, started his internship with Atlantic Records in mid-May. He is a pop promotions intern, a job that has him gathering charts, sending out CDs and other merchandise, creating one-page reports for artists, and doing other jobs around the office.

He has been on the job for nearly two months now and is racking up many unique experiences.

"I got to go to MTV to watch a band named Young the Giant perform a few songs. I was one of maybe 25 people in the room. It was pretty incredible to have the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands perform in such an intimate setting," Berkowitz said.

His internship has also allowed him some small talk with big stars.

"One of the highlights of my internship was being on the phone with Wiz Khalifa. I had to call him and connect him to different radio stations for phone interviews and give him the info about the station and who would be interviewing him," Berkowitz said.

But the glitz and glam of the big city and its perks aren't the only things that Berkowitz is focused on. This internship is just the first step in what he hopes to be a long and successful career.

"I have met so many people in so many different positions in the music industry, from radio personalities to artists. I have done whatever I could to ensure that this is just the start of my future in the music industry," Berkowitz said.

"It has just been a fun ride, learning the other side of this amazing business," Berkowitz said.