May Interim Travels from Peoria to Seoul, South Korea

November 5, 2013

By: Savannah Jones '14

Assistant Professor Ji Young Kim takes the idea of a class field trip to a whole new level with her May interim course traveling to Seoul, South Korea May 27 through June 4. The COM 494 course teaches students about South Korean culture and business, a unique opportunity blending adventure with education. With an increased interest in the culture, a booming economy and new perspectives- students are guaranteed the journey of a lifetime.

“Seoul is definitely interesting. It’s well developed in telecommunications with modernized industrial areas but also has natural areas like parks and historical areas,” Kim said. “It’s an introduction to how beautiful the city is.”

Students will attend lectures and seminars presented by leading local and international businesses in Seoul along with visiting actual headquarters and offices of the businesses. Seoul is a leading producer of technology products like Samsung, LG and Hyundai. Students will learn the importance of globalization and networking in the business community. Tours of the city are provided, inviting students to experience the South Korean culture first-hand. By exploring the city, students can meet local artists, shop and interact with the people of Seoul. Kim plans to take students to the “Korean Folk Village”, an outdoor museum celebrating South Korea’s history, a place she enjoyed as a child.

“It’s important to learn about other cultures,” Kim said. “First-hand experience is highly recommended; you can’t get enough first-hand experience.”

Preference is given to communications majors but all majors are welcomed to sign up for the trip. The cost of the course is regular tuition plus $3,300 for travel. Class will meet May 19-23 on campus before leaving for Seoul. For more information, call Dr. Kim at 309-677-4116 or email at