Career Panel Offers Professional Advice to Students

March 5, 2011

Pictured from left to right: Julie Russell, Caitlin Bahr, Amanda Schmoldt, Faith Gray, and Molly Guingrich

Business communicators share career advice with Communication students

On Tuesday March 1st, the Bradley chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC-BU) in collaboration with the Smith Career Center organized a career panel entitled: "A step up: How my Communications degree set me ahead".


  1. Faith Gray - Communicator for Global Environmental Affairs, Health and Safety at Caterpillar
  2. Julie Russell - Founder and President of AdCo
  3. Molly Guingrich - Marketing Director at Liquitech Environmental
  4. Amanda Schmoldt - Change Management & Communication Senior Manager at Archer Daniels Midland
  5. Cailtin Bahr - Associate Director of Alumni Relations at Bradley University

What these five professionals had in common was a communications degree and a career in corporate communication, HR, PR, or entrepreneurship. The guests spoke about their career stories, testified how the communication degree prepared them for their current career, and provided interviewing tips.

More than 30 students filled GCC 103 and listened to their experiences and advice.

Faith Gray reminded students that they need to start practicing being high-energy and interactive with their teachers, because that state of mind will be required daily of them in the workplace. Julie Russell said that as an employer she is looking for people who stand out and who can deliver for her what she hopes to deliver to the clients. Molly Guingrich, told her former classmates that solid pre-interview preparation, evidence of good work, and willingness to learn was what got her the job. Amanda Schmoldt, who is also the professional advisor of IABC-BU, reminded students that the communication degree is highly versatile, and that their careers will likely span many areas.

Finally, Caitlin Bahr, emphasized the importance of developing one's personal network and talked about the wise use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Tweeter.

One student commented afterwards: "I learned some valuable insight in regards to getting my foot in the door to a position that I was really interested in which is corporate training and development. I also learned to make an opportunity about engaging every possible moment you have in the classroom. That's something that I'd like to apply more in the time I have left.
Overall, I found the panel invaluable for my career. Thanks for the opportunity." Another student said: "Overall it was a great experience and I'm glad that IABC and the Smith Career Center put this together for the students here at Bradley."