Team holds 9 State Titles and Team Sweepstakes

The Bradley University Speech Team won their 21st state title in the last 22 years during the March 2 and 3 Illinois Intercollegiate Forensic Associate State Tournament.  The tournament was held at Illinois Central College.  It was a resounding team victory and a great end to the regular competitive season.  

Bradley was allowed to enter four students in each event.


Impromptu Speaking

  • 5th - Talan Tyminski (freshman, Ballwin, MO)
  • 3rd - Natalie Tomes (sophomore, Wheaton, IL)
  • 2nd - Cate Cosme (senior, Plainfield, IL)
  • State Champion - Jacoby Cochran (junior, Chicago, IL)

Informative Speaking

  • 6th - Cate Cosme
  • 5th - Camille Yameen (senior, Liberty, MO)
  • 2nd - Rebi Roos (senior, Germantown Hills, IL)
  • State Champion - Jacoby Cochran

Dramatic Interpretation

  • 6th - Gabby Dillon (sophomore, South Holland, IL)
  • 5th - Ryan Tinlin (junior, Dellroy, OH)
  • State Champion - Camille Yameen

Prose Interpretation

  • 5th - Ryan Tinlin
  • 4th - Camille Yameen
  • 2nd - Ben Gaddis (junior, St. Charles, IL)
  • State Champion - Rebi Roos

Communication Analysis

  • 6th - Blake Longfellow (senior, Newport Beach, CA)
  • 4th - Cate Cosme
  • 2nd - Ryan Tinlin

After-Dinner Speaking

  • 6th - Brooke Stevenson (junior, Fremont, CA)
  • 2nd - Jacoby Cochran
  • State Champion - Mark Dorsey (senior, St. Louis, MO) 

Poetry Interpretation

  • 4th - Junior Ocasio (junior, Cleveland, OH)
  • 2nd - Cecil Blutcher (junior, Chicago, IL)

Duo Interpretation

  • 4th - Blake Longfellow / Camille Yameen
  • 2nd - Jacoby Cochran / Justin Restaino (junior, Fullerton, CA)
  • State Champions - Cecil Blutcher / Ryan Tinlin

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 6th - Ben Gaddis
  • 4th - Talan Tyminski
  • State Champion - Natalie Tomes

Program Oral Interpretation

  • 4th - Justin Restaino
  • 3rd - Gabby Dillon
  • 2nd - Camille Yameen
  • State Champion - Cecil Blutcher

Persuasion (Oratory)

** This final is significant, as it determines the 2 students that will represent the state of Illinois at the Interstate Oratory Contest, the longest-running public speaking contest in the country.

  • 4th - Jamie Hammond (junior, Claremont, CA)
  • State Champion - Jacoby Cochran

Jacoby will compete in April at the Interstate Oratorical Contest, the longest-running public speaking contest in the country. As the State Championship winner for Oratory, Jacoby is also the recipient of the Curt Byars award, which the IIFA created 3 years ago after the tragic death of BU (and BUST) alumnus Curt Byars

Individual Sweepstakes (most points by a student in 5 events)

  • 2nd - Camille Yameen
  • State Champion - Jacoby Cochran

Open Team Sweepstakes

  • 6th - Northwestern University (20 pts.)
  • 5th - Illinois Central College (20 pts.)
  • 4th - Northern Illinois University (55 pts.)
  • 3rd - North Central College (56 pts.)
  • 2nd - Illinois State University (155 pts.)
  • State Champions - Bradley University (345 pts.)

Bradley was also the recipient of the IIFA George Armstrong Award, which goes to the school that has accumulated the most points over the years at the State Tournament.

Congratulations team and coaches Dan Smith and Michael Chen on the incredible victory. Off to nationals!