Ebeling PR-ize for Excellence in Public Relations Campaigns

The Ebeling PR-ize is provided as a means of recognizing outstanding public relations campaigns during senior-level capstone projects. Public relations undergraduate seniors are challenged to design and to implement a real-world public relations campaign in Peoria, Illinois. Each semester, the most noteworthy and impacting campaign is selected to be highlighted.

The Ebeling PR-ize award was established in 2004 by Mr. Chuck Ebeling, a prominent alumnus and a member of Bradley’s Centurion Society, and Dr. Ron Koperski, a professor in the Department of Communication, retired in May 2013.

The award winning campaigns have contributed to raising awareness of key social issues and enhancing collaboration between profit and non-profit organizations.

Chuck Ebeling, '66 and Bradley Centurion, '11, has been an advocate of cause-related communications throughout his career. At Allstate, he supported anti-drunk driving campaigns, at Toyota, he donated new cars to public television auctions, at Baxter International, he worked with NFL Films to promote patient recovery stories, and at McDonald's, where he headed corporate communications until his retirement at the Millennium, he helped launch the global Ronald McDonald House program. At Bradley, 20 semesters ago, he launched the Ebeling PR-ize awards program, which recognizes student excellence in implementing pro bono community initiatives, putting together local Peoria-area businesses with local not-for-profit organizations to support worthy causes.



Previous Winners

Place Term & Year  Campaign Title  Student winners 
1st  Spring 2004   Dvorak, Joseph M.
Kuntz, Jamie L.
Marszalek, Kristyn J.
Tapella, Bryan J.
2nd  Fall 2004    Alexander, Lauren M.
Churillo, Kathryn
Lewis, Marissa R.
Ray, Sara M.
3rd  Spring 2005    Conway, Erin M.
Eigenrauch, Lorie B.
Foley, Megan C.
Jubinski, Katie M.
4th  Fall 2005   Maenhout, Holly L.
Rutkowski, Monica
Weisz, Mya A.
5th  Spring 2006   Blocki, Brooke N.
Hubbell, Emily E.
Lackore, Kristin M.
6th  Fall 2006   Baker, Sally T.
Collins, Tessa L.
Hawk, Brandon
Ketcham, Craig C.
7th  Spring 2007   Cramblet, Megan R.
London, Casey
Pesha, Kelly A.
Taylor, Angela M.
8th  Fall 2007    Park, Elizabeth H.
Rosen, Emily L.
Rusch, Mallory G.
Sharples, Adam S.
9th  Spring 2008   Barnes, Michael C.
Hoops, Bethany L.
Weinstein, Megan E.
Ruder, Chevie J.
10th  Fall 2008   Couri, Dennis T.
DeWeese, Jessica R.
Legge, Melody G.
Scardekia, Angela N.
11th  Spring 2009   Aeschliman, Katie M.
Hedges, Betsy A.
Nelson, Krista S.
12th  Fall 2009   Grady, Kathleen A.
Hoffman, Marie E.
Reginetz, Alyssa M.
13th  Spring 2010   Casanova, Carolyn
Crawford, Janelle M.
Mayo, Rose H.
Watkins, Lindsay N.
14th  Fall 2010   Beals, Eric M.
Kistner, Andrew J.
Knobloch, Matthew
Walker, Charles E. Jr.
15th  Spring 2011   Avants, Kimberlee A.
Fisher, Stuart A.
Grandon, Hope L.
Lindaas, Alyssa L.
Williamson, Dylan L.
16th  Fall 2011   Bowe, Emily S.
Herring, Jamie E.
Snyder, Shane M.
17th  Spring 2012   Carr, Karla D.
Fogle, Rachel A.
McGuire, Melissa L.
Sanderman, Kenneth C.
18th  Fall 2012   Fisher, Taylor C.
Geraghty, Molly E.
Ivy-O'Donnell, Camille N.
Kotars, Morgan C.
19th  Spring 2013 BE YOUNG. BE WILD. BE FREE: POWERING OFF ONE STEP AT A TIME Anguiano, Jennifer
Cerven, Jessica M.
Olson, Sara L.
Schaid, Emily A.
Campbell, Lauren
Loy, Meghan
21st Spring 2014 STAY ALIVE, HANG UP AND DRIVE David Clemente
Shelby Duitsman
Evan Fay
Mary Perisin
Emily Wolfe