Degree Programs

Communication Majors

The Department of Communication offers Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees for the following majors:

Journalism Minor

The Department of Communication offers a minor in Journalism. It is open to department majors. It requires 18 hours to complete. The Journalism minor introduces students interesting in print or broadcast journalism to options available in this rapidly changing field. Students will take a variety of courses including basic reporting, computer-assisted reported or broadcast news reporting, newspaper editing and design or field production, communication law and ethics, and photojournalism or public affairs reporting.

Organizational Communication Minor

The Department of Communication offers a minor in Organizational Communication.   The Organizational Communication minor is open to departmental majors. The minor offers a relevant set of skills, knowledge, and abilities such as group and organizational communication, conflict resolution, consulting, and interviewing skills. The OC minor enhances other programs of study and provides career flexibility. Students with a minor in organizational communication will develop an understanding of organizational communication issues applicable to all types of organizations.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 must be earned in either minor. Department majors and/or minors may not apply a course to more than one requirement (e.g., if students pursue a Journalism major and an Organizational Communication minor, they cannot take COM 292 to complete both the elective requirement in JN and the basic requirement in OC).  Eighteen hours are required to complete the OC minor.