Bradley University Speech Team

Bradley University is home to the most successful speech team in the nation and is the only team to win a national championship every decade since 1980. Bradley boasts more than 40 national speech championships since 1978 (that’s nearly 60 percent of all competitions), more than 20 American Forensic Association national titles since 1980, more than 150 individual national championships and in spring 2018, the team captured its 18th consecutive state championship. Bradley's team is the most successful collegiate team of any kind, according to the Associated Press. To put this into perspective, Bradley has more speech team titles than Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky combined in men's basketball.

The program at Bradley has been one of the most respected in the country for decades. University leadership remains committed to the forensics team and committed to maintaining our legacy of success. We are focused on providing students with a safe and secure environment to showcase their talents and supplying them with exciting opportunities that will enhance their overall college experience.

We have produced countless distinguished alumni who have made great accomplishments due to experiences and lessons from the Bradley speech team. The current president, Gary Roberts, and provost, Dr. Walter Zakahi, were both members of the Bradley team. Their memories are fond and their experiences helped shape who they are today.

Bradley is also home to two of the largest collegiate tournaments in the nation. In addition, the George Armstrong Heart of Illinois High School Tournament provides $40,000 in scholarship funds to future speech team members through the Jay Janssen Oratorical Contest. You can learn more about the team, the history and how to get involved on this website.


Grounded in a strong tradition, the Bradley University Speech Team molds diverse students into future leaders by developing and perfecting research, writing, critical thinking, communication, public speaking, and performance skills. We instill the fundamentals of advocacy needed for students to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. By valuing process over product, it is a tireless work ethic that allows our students to champion true excellence.

Bradley University Speech Team: Tradition. Advocacy. Excellence.