About our Department

Our Core Values and Principles

In fulfilling the teaching, research, and service-related activities that are crucial to our mission and the pursuit of our vision, the faculty of the Department of Criminal Justice remain cognizant of and committed to the following core values and principles:

  • We share and foster in students a passion for lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake
  • We evolve as a culture of continuous improvement through self-assessment
  • We maintain a collegial atmosphere of mutual respect and academic freedom
  • We encourage innovation, collaboration, and creativity
  • We celebrate diversity and recognize the learning opportunities it presents
  • We encourage and celebrate autonomy of mind and spirit in the pursuit of knowledge, recognizing that an open intellectual environment and theoretical and methodological diversity are necessary for the evolution of ideas
  • We promote critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and the articulate communication of ideas
  • We believe in the value and necessity of a multidisciplinary approach to the study of crime, law, and justice
  • We emphasize ethical development and moral character, embodying integrity and serve as role models in our demonstration of ethical leadership and principled decision-making
  • We focus on the greater concern of justice within “criminal justice;” awareness of and commitment to disseminating the principles of social justice through teaching, research, and service

Our Vision

The Department of Criminal Justice Studies at Bradley University will be widely recognized as an exemplar of quality criminal justice education, pioneering scholarship, and for its contribution to the economic, social, cultural, and intellectual development of the region. A destination for the next generation of criminal justice leaders, impassioned educators, and progressive scholars, our graduates will be among the most coveted in the region and our faculty will set the standard for innovative pedagogy and cutting-edge research in crime, law, and justice. Through its multidisciplinary grounding, tradition of collaboration, and commitment to promoting the principles of justice, the Department of Criminal Justice Studies at Bradley University will be a model of excellence for teaching, research, and professional service in the social sciences.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Criminal Justice Studies at Bradley University is to provide an educational milieu within which students actively and critically explore pertinent theoretical and practical concerns of crime and justice in human society, and to provide a learning experience which produces knowledgeable, ethical leaders prepared to flourish as individuals and as responsible members of a greater community. Our faculty members are passionate educators and mentors, committed to fostering enrichment of the discipline and advancing the boundaries of the study of crime, law, and justice through collaboration and engagement with innovative scholarship grounded in the traditions of the liberal arts and social sciences.