Senior Capstone Project Students work with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

April 8, 2014

CS&IS at Bradley has had a special relationship with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) for the past nine years.  Each year, senior CS students in the capstone projects, CS490 and CS491, have worked on projects for STRI.  In connection to these projects, Dr. Dolins has taken two groups of students to Barro Colorado Island in Panama and one student to the University of Washington to meet botanists from around the world to learn about problems related to collecting large amounts of data about trees.

For the past two years, students have been working on two applications — one for mapping trees by plot, species, and size, and one for presenting a page description of a species, including a description, in various languages, images, and growth and mortality statistics.  We are hoping these two applications will be deployed at the end of the academic year.