Department launches concentrations, minor program in computer game technology

August 10, 2011

In Fall 2010, the departments of Computer Science and Information Systems and Interactive Media collaboratively developed and launched several concentrations and minor programs in computer gaming:

  • undergraduate and graduate CS&IS concentrations in computer game technology with required 12 and 9 semester hours, respectively;
  • undergraduate IM concentration in game design with required 12 semester hours; and
  • CS&IS minor program in computer game technology (with required 23 semester hours) and an IM minor program in game design (with 24 required semester hours).

These programs of study are based on a joint pool of cross-listed, 3 semester-hour courses: 451/551 Computer Game Design, 452/552 Computer Game Modification, 453/553 Concepting and Storytelling, 455/555 Computer Graphics, 456/556 Game Engine Programming, 457/557 Digital Animation, 458/558 Sound Design, and 459/559 Computer Game Capstone Project.

The department has already noticed keen interest from prospective new and transfer students during Visit Days and in the new enrollment reports for Fall 2011. CS&IS is excited to offer these programs and to work in close collaboration with the Department of Interactive Media.