In memory of Karl Henry

April 8, 2014

Karl Henry served as a part-time instructor/lab instructor for CS&IS for more than 15 years. Karl taught many of the labs for beginning programming classes in Pascal, C, C++ and Java, and almost every freshman CS&IS major had Karl as their lab instructor for most of his years teaching. Many students would stop by and visit with him throughout their time at Bradley. In addition, he taught several of the introductory programming classes for the department. 

Prior to helping us at Bradley, Karl enjoyed a 30-year career at Caterpillar. He had been an IT manager at CAT and had used some of the early computing technology while there. When he retired from CAT, he wanted to stay active in the area of computing and filled a need that the department had. 

Karl also had many interests beyond computing – especially music and poetry. He played the tuba for several bands in the Peoria area. He would browse used book stores and sales and bring in his favorites to discuss with members of the department and to pass out to his friends within the department. Karl passed away on December 1, 2013; he was 84 years old.  Karl was a very special friend to many students, faculty, and staff within the department and he will be missed.