Caterpillar Research Grant

April 12, 2012

Dr. Christos Nikolopoulos has a new research grant from Caterpillar for the amount of $50,000. Three of our graduate students, John Griffith, Shashwati Ramteke and Shua Murtaza, are all employed as research assistants for the project under Dr. Nikolopoulos. Demand forecasting is a very critical process in manufacturing.  Traditionally, when order patterns are variable and uninterrupted, forecast performance is measured by stochastic processes.  But when significant time intervals of demand interruptions occur, service parts demand forecasting is significantly more difficult to model and the statistical techniques are not adequate and break down. In this project our research aims to address this challenge and develop techniques from the Artificial Intelligence areas of machine learning and data mining to build predictive time series models for manufactured parts demand forecasting for the case of long demand pauses in the input signal.


In addition, the Bradley research team is a participant in an international research competition sponsored by Caterpillar involving other research teams from universities in Europe, Australia and China. The team whose model has the best predictive ability will win the competition.  After the first phase of the competition, the Bradley team currently stands in second place.