Computer Science Education Week

April 12, 2012

For the second consecutive year, the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems hosted events for Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) on November 30 and December 1-2.  In 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives designated the week of Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper’s birthday, December 9, as CSEdWeek.    Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was a pioneer in computer science, and one of her accomplishments was developing the COBOL programming language. 

This year Matt Tennyson and some of our computer science students, including Dylan Britt, Josh Dober, Eric Eberhart, Sarah Fields, Nathan Green, Brendan Kelly, Taylor Shear, Jacob Siegers and Anthony Stephan facilitated activities along with help from Dr. Yun Wang, Dr. Alex Uskov and Dr. Monica McGill, from Interactive Media.  Approximately 15 high school students from Eureka, Richwoods, Dunlap and Morton participated as well as 20 Bradley students.

A total of four workshops were offered; two workshops were held each day.  In Programming with Greenfoot, students learned basic programming concepts by creating basic games and simulations for the PC using the Greenfoot development environment; in Mobile Computing with Android Devices and Wireless Sensor Networks, students created applications for mobile devices using Google’s Android App Inventor development environment;  in Robotics with LEGO Robots, students built and programmed robots using LEGO® brand robotics kits;  in Exploring Math through Cryptography and Games of Chance Workshop, students played games requiring them to use probability and counting conceptsThe week ended with a fun evening of snacks and gaming until Bradley Hall closed on Friday night.

The department sincerely appreciates everyone that helped with the CSEdWeek activities.  According to Matt Tennyson, “We certainly struggled on a few fronts this year but I would characterize the overall result as a success and I’m already formulating ideas for next year.”