Dr. Mahmood Haghighi Retires

Dr. Mahmood Haghighi

April 12, 2012

After 27 years at Bradley University and a total of 46 years teaching, Dr. Mahmood Haghighi retired in the summer 2011 and was honored with Emeritus status.  Dr. Haghighi started teaching at Bradley in 1984; he became an associate professor in 1989 and a full professor in 1996. 

Dr. Haghighi truly loved teaching and was dedicated to his students.  His enthusiasm and sense of humor in the classroom helped him “reach” many computer science graduates.  One story that he enjoys sharing is solving puzzles in his algorithms class.  Dr. Haghighi told his students, “If you can solve this puzzle right away I will give you $100.00 right now.”  One student asked if he was serious about the money because he wanted to take his girlfriend to dinner.  The same student solved the puzzle and asked Dr. Haghighi for his $100.00.  At which time Dr. Haghighi explained that many countries use dollars as their currency, and when he checked the rates in the morning before class he determined that 100 Zimbabwean dollars were worth 11 cents, which is what he paid the student.

Students at Bradley truly appreciated Dr. Haghighi’s teaching and advice because he encouraged questions and comments from his students. He   helped students explore problems and develop solutions. 

Students, faculty and staff all enjoyed working with Dr. Haghighi.  We wish him well in his retirement.

If you would to make a donation in honor of Dr. Mahmood Haghighi, please make the check payable to Bradley University and write “Dr. Mahmood Haghighi scholarship fund” in the memo/note section of the check.