Dr. Alexander Uskov

Dr. Alexander Uskov

April 12, 2012

Dr. Alexander Uskov has been affiliated with the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Bradley University in various capacities from August 2000, including B.S. student in Computer Science in 2000-2003, M.S. student in Computer Science in 2003-2005, Information Technology Specialist (2005 – 2009), Visiting Assistant Professor (2009 – 2011), and tenure-track Assistant Professor from August 2011.

He holds a PhD degree (June 2008) in Computer Science from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University), Moscow, Russia with specialization in the areas of “Information and Computer Security” and “Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks”. His research interests include Software, Web, and Network Security, Network and System Administration, Computer Gaming Technology, Mobile Technology, Programming and Software Development, and Streaming Technology. He published 11 journal articles and 33 papers in conference proceedings.

Dr. Alexander Uskov is a member of IEEE – Computer Society, ACM and IGDA.

“One of the reasons I enjoy working at Bradley is because of the Computer Gaming and Security classes that I teach. I have been playing video games all my life, so teaching about making games is fun and exciting for me. Information Security has been one of my favorite areas in Computer Science, and I really enjoy teaching about hacking and defending against computer attacks. The students are also very interested in the Gaming and Security areas and respond well to the course material. 

Another reason I enjoy working at Bradley is the small class size. This allows me to get to know each of my students very well and work with each student individually to help them better understand the material.

Working as the system administrator for the CS/IS Department's servers and labs allows me to apply my theoretical knowledge towards implementing practical solutions for the department needs. This can be challenging at times, however the reward of seeing something that you designed and built work to help other people is well worth it.”