Master of Computer Information Systems

In addition to meeting all the general requirements of the Graduate School and of the department as stated above, candidates for the master’s degree in computer information systems must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. At least 21 of the 33 semester hours required must be earned in courses labeled as CIS. At most, six hours may be earned in approved courses other than those labeled CS or CIS.
  2. To satisfy the core (breadth) requirements, a student must either take the following courses or show the evidence of having completed equivalent courses elsewhere: CIS 530, CIS 575, CIS 580, CS 591. (CS 531 and CS 590 are recommended).
  3. Take one of the following courses: CIS 697, CIS 698, or CS 690.
  4. To satisfy the depth requirements, the student must take three courses from one of the concentrations offered by the department. No course taken to satisfy the core requirements (see items 2 and 3) may be counted as one of the three courses in this requirement.

The admission requirements for the computer information systems program are:

  1. one semester of calculus
  2. one semester of statistics, and
  3. two semesters of computer programming