Why Choose Computer Science & Information Systems

Here are some of the reasons you should choose to study computer science or computer information systems at Bradley University:

  1. Students get personalized attention in the classroom. The student-faculty ratio is 13:1 (at Bradley University - 13:1); the largest undergraduate class size is 22 seats or the size of the computer labs. Only faculty members teach classes; graduate students sometimes assist faculty but never teach classes.
  2. CS&IS students get hands-on experience in five departmental labs. Many of our courses are taught in the following labs: Software Development and Software Engineering (BR150), Computer Gaming and Networking (BR180), Intelligent Systems (BR156), Computer programming (BR290), and Research Projects (BR170).
  3. Active student-faculty collaboration. Students have various opportunities to collaborate on research projects with faculty members. Examples of some current projects are available on the department’s homepage.
  4. Additionally, CS majors are required to take a senior capstone project; a one year course in which students work on real-world projects with clients.
  5. Unique courses and concentrations in computer game technology (in collaboration with the Department of Interactive Media) and computer security. Courses in computer gaming are supported by 3D technology capabilities in the Computer Gaming lab (BR180).
  6. The award-winning Smith Career Center (SCC) that works with national and local employers to provide outstanding internship and full-time opportunities. One SCC Career Advisor, Rick Smith, works directly with CS&IS students and employers. For more information, visit the SCC web site at http://explore.bradley.edu/scc or call (309)677-2510.
  7. Our undergraduate and graduate CS&IS students are talented and creative, which makes studying CS&IS at Bradley University fun and exciting. CS&IS students have opportunities to become leaders and active in student organizations, including the student chapter of ACM, Computer Gaming Club, and Indian Student Association.