Brian Huggins

Brian Huggins

Associate Professor

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4257
    (309) 677-2732




  • Climbing
  • Skiing
  • Hand stand pushup

Professional Experience


  • Caterpillar Inc., June 1983 - present
  • Central Illinois Light Company, 1996
  • Keystone Steel and Wire, March 1987 - 1990


Research and Professional Interests:

  • Entrepreneurial Engineering
  • System Integration
  • Application of Wireless Technology
  • Design of RF/microwave based sensors and NDT systems
  • Microwave dielectric spectroscopy

Some Publications and Patents:

  • Primary inventor of Patent # 4737705, Linear Position Sensor, April 1988
  • Inventor of Patent # 7260930, Radio Frequency-Based Particulate Loading Monitoring System, August 2007
  • G. Dempsey, W. Anakwa, B. Huggins, and J. Irwin, Electrical and Computer Engineering Curriculum Assessment Via Senior Mini-Project”, IEEE Transactions on Education, Vol. 46, No. 3, pp. 350-358, August 2003

Recent Senior Projects:

  • Mars Rover with Dan Dunn, Colin Shea and Eric Spiller
  • Autonomous Vehicle with Ramona Cone and Erin Cundiff
  • Tracking Trajectories of Migrating Birds Around a Skyscraper with Brian Crombie and Matt Zivney
  • Photovoltaic Martian Bugs with Adam Jackson and Matt Travis (co-advisor - A. Malinowski)
  • Tracking Migrating Birds Around Large Structures with Arik Brooks and Nicholas Patrick (Won first place in category in 2004 Student Expo)
  • Fast Tuning Synthesizer with Nathan Roth (co-advisor - P. Shastry) (Funded by Northrop Grumman)
  • Electronic Warfare Digital Radar Receiver (Sponsored and funded by Northrop Grumman) with Mike Gahl and Peter Petrany (co-advisor - In Soo Ahn)
  • Autonomous Bradley Rover with Steve Goggins, Pete Lange, and Rob Scherbinski (co-advisors - Olek Malinowski and Don Schertz)
  • Six Port Network Analyzer for NDT with Keith Bruno and Matt Rangen
  • Scanning Digital Radar Receiver (Sponsored and funded by Northrop Grumman) with Ryan Hamor
  • Binaural Sound Localization and Filtering with Dan Hauer
  • Navigation of an Autonomous Vehicle using Stereoscopic Imaging (Sponsored and funded by Northrop Grumman) with Adam Beach and Nick Wlaznik
  • Design of an Ultrawide Band High Bit Rate Radio Link (Sponsored and funded by Northrop Grumman) with Jarrond Cook and Nate Gove
  • Autonomous Search and Rescue Robot with Bryan McKinney, Rob Ruber, Adam Salisbury, and Austin Scott
  • Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Using Stereoscopic Imaging with Adam Beach and Nick Wlaznik
  • Ultra Wideband Research and Implementation with Jarrod Cook and Nathan Gove (funded by Northrop Grumman)
  • Low Carbon Footprint Electric Lawn Mower with Kraig Kamp, David Sharpe, and Jamin Williams (co-advisor Steve Gutschlag)
  • Micro Urban Electric Vehicle (Phase I with Kyle Dieter, Spencer Leeds, and Nate Mills: Phase II with Steve Komperda, Brian Kuhn, and Matt Leuschke:  co-advisor Steve Gutschlag and Winfred Anakwa)
  • Lithium Ion Medium Power Battery Design with Jeremy Karrick and Charles Lau


Professional Memberships

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association