Jannett Highfill

Jannett Highfill

Professor, Economics

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4131
    (309) 677-2304


Ph.D., Economics, University of Kansas
M.A., Economics, University of Kansas
M.F.A., Poetry, Warren Wilson College
B.B.A., Economics, Wichita State University


Professor Highfill has been at Bradley University since 1985.  Her primary professional aspiration is to achieve balance between teaching and research; she’s taught over 20 different courses and pursues multiple research agendas.

Professional Experience

Editor, Global Economy Journal
President, Missouri Valley Economics Association


She has taught many classes of Bradley University, from the very technical, Mathematical Economics and Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, to the literary, Economics in Literature.  Her primary interest is in Global Economics, but she is also devoted to Principles of Macroeconomics.


Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles in the Last Five Years

Highfill, J. K., O'Brien, K. M. (2015). The Effect of Ethnic Diversity on Municipal Spending. Atlantic Economic Journal, 43(3), 305-318.

Highfill, J. K., Wojcikewych, R. (2015). Teaching Foreign Exchange Markets: When Quantities Matter. The Journal of Economics, XL(2), 65-81.

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M. (2013). Welfare Measures in Dynamic Firm R&D Games. International Advances in Economic Research 19(4), 439-449.

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M. (2013). Dynamic Firm R&D Games—Manufacturing Costs and Reliability Paths. Review of Economics and Finance, 3(1), 1-14.

Highfill, J. K., O’Brien, K. M. (2012). Presidential Memorabilia on eBay:  Value, Minimum Bid, and Popularity. The Journal of Economics, XXXVII(2), 1-22.

Gretz, R. T., Highfill, J. K., Scott, R. (2012).  R&D Subsidy Games:  A Cost Sharing Approach vs. Reward for Performance. Journal of Technology Transfer, 37(4), 385-403.

Clark, D. P., Highfill, J. K., Campino, J. d. O., Rehman, S. S. (2011). FDI, Technology Spillovers, Growth, and Income Inequality:  A Selective Survey. Global Economy Journal, 11(2), 44.

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M. (2010). Dynamic Product Reliability Management for a Firm with a Complacent Competitor vs. a Lockstep Competitor. The Journal of Economics, 36(1), 29-54.

Scholarly Book

Highfill, J. K., Webber, P. (2015). A Tempered and Humane Economy: Markets, Families, and Behavioral Economics. Lexington Books. 

Peer Reviewed Proceedings and Presentations in the Last Five Years

Highfill, J. K., O'Brien, K. M., International Atlantic Economic Society, "Municipal Spending and Religious Preferences", International Atlantic Economic Conference, Boston MA. (October, 2015).

Highfill, J. K., McAsey, M., Western Economic Association International, "Best Response Functions in an Intra-Industry R&D Subsidy Game", Denver CO. (June, 2014).

Highfill, J. K., Wojcikewych, R., Allied Social Sciences Association, “The U.S.-China Exchange Rate Debate:  Using Currency Offer Curves”, American Economic Association, Denver, CO. (January, 2011).


  • Samuel Rothberg Professional Excellence Award, Bradley University
  • Midwest Grain Products, Inc. Teaching Award, Foster College of Business
  • Graduate Honors Fellow, University of Kansas
  • William A. Swett Prize, University Co-Valedictorian, Wichita State University

 Poetry Chapbooks

  • A Constitution of Silence, 2013, Green Fuse Poetic Arts.
  • Light Blessings Drifting Together, 2012, Finishing Line Press.