Edward Sattler

Edward Sattler

Professor Emeritus

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center
    (309) 677-2303


Ph.D., University of Illinois
M.A., University of Illinois
M.A., Western Michigan University
B.B.A., Western Michigan University


Dr. Ed Sattler has been a member of the Economics Department at Bradley University since 1976. Dr. Sattler became a full professor in 1997. From 2000 to 2011, Dr. Sattler served as Associate Dean of the Foster College of Business.


Dr. Sattler has taught a number of microeconomics oriented courses including Industrial Organization, Micro Principles, Graduate Managerial Economics, undergraduate Managerial Economics, economic education courses, executive development courses, Russian Managers course (in Samara, Russia) Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Economics and Law, and the Senior Seminar Paper in Economics.

Dr. Sattler was awarded the Midwest Grain Products Teaching Award - Outstanding Teacher in the Business College in 1987. Dr. Sattler won the Foster College Advising Award in 1999.

Courses Currently Teaching:

  • Managerial Economics - ECO 335
  • Economics and Law  -  ECO 362


Current Research:

Dr. Sattler is very interested in the role of interest rates in the calculation of present cash values for economic damages.  He is investigating the structure of the forensic economist (expert witness) market. He is also investigating the health care industry, particularly the methods of and impact of hospital pricing strategies.

Dr. Sattler has been practicing as an expert witness in economics since 1982. He has testified in federal and district courts over 40 times. He has testified in anti trust cases but most of the testimony has been on economic damages in wrongful death and wrongful injury cases.

Dr. Sattler’s research has focused on applied micro economic theory over the years. His Ph.D. dissertation analyzed "Diversified Holding Companies and Their Impact on the Railroad Industry," Transportation Journal, Fall, 1980. He testified before Congress on the impact of Rail Mergers and Formation of the Burlington Northern Holding Company, Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, 1982.

Dr. Sattler won the National Council of Advisors Scholarship award in 2000.


Dr. Sattler has served on numerous university and college committees, particularly in his years as Associate Dean:

A few notable committees include:


  • Academic Review Board (1995-Present)
  • Graduate Executive Committee (1998-Present)
  • Served as a member of the review team for International Studies, 2004
  • Served as a member of the review team for Engineering Graduate Review 2006


  • Demand Evaluation for the Executive MBA Committee
  • Chaired the Committee to Develop the Executive MBA curriculum, which won the award for Innovative EMBA Curriculum in 2001
  • Chaired the Committee to review the MBA Curriculum (2003-2006)