Aleksander "Olek" Malinowski

Associate Professor

Jobst Hall 328
(309) 677-2776
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Dr. Malinowski is an Associate Professor at Bradley University. He is with Bradley The areas of his main interests include Networked cyber-physical systems, computer networks, Internet of Things, computational intelligence and artificial autonomous mobile agents with emphasis on their navigation. He is also a Senior Member of IEEE and an active volunteer for the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society since 1998. 

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  • Amateur digital photography
  • Travel, nature sightseeing
  • Electronic music (listening to)
  • US FIRST: Technical Challenge Mentor for FTC Team #9985
  • BSA: Committee member for Troop #163 and Merit Badge Counselor


Teaching Interests:

  • ECE 103 Computers and Programming (structural programming in C99)
  • ECE 205 Microcontroller Architecture and Programming
  • ECE 322 Interfacing Lab
  • ECE 470/570 Object Oriented Programming for Embedded Systems
  • ECE 471/571 Real-Time Operating Systems
  • ECE 472/572 Embedded Microcontroller Linux
  • ECE 473/573 Embedded TCP/IP
  • ECE 474/574 Robotic Navigation with SLAM
  • ECE 483/583 Microprocessor Architecture and Design


Research and Professional Interests:

  • Computer Programming Algorithms with emphasis on network connectivity and cyber-physical system applications
    • Ethernet
    • Factory Automation, Home automation, Internet of Things
    • Microcontroller Linux, BuildRoot, Operating Systems
    • Networked cyber-physical systems (embedded systems)
    • TCP/IP Network programming for small embedded systems
    • General purpose programming with C, C++, and Java
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Mobile agents (SLAM for robots)
  • Neural networks - theory of learning, modeling with, control applications

    Recent Keynote delivered - Current Challenges for the Internet of Things Ecosystem at 22nd International Science Conference:
    Computer Networks - CN2015, June 16-19, 2015, Brunów Palace, Lwówek Śląski, Silesia, Poland

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