Jeanne Muzzillo

Jeanne Muzzillo

Associate Professor

    Bradley Hall 352
    (309) 677-2470


Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, English Education from Purdue University


Dr. Jeanne Muzzillo came to university teaching having first been a secondary school English teacher for 18 years. In her doctoral studies, she investigated linguistics, literary critical theory, and pedagogy. Her dissertation work explored the use of prose learning in teaching literature and interrogated the practice of oral interpretation in high schools. Dr. Muzzillo's years of teaching and graduate studies have greatly informed her practice here at Bradley University in the constant search for "best practice."


Depending on the semester, Dr. Muzzillo teaches one or more of the four methods courses that make up the English Education program at Bradley University. Her appointment resides in the English Department where she also teaches Freshman Composition, Young Adult Literature, Study Abroad - Travel Writing in London, Introduction to Literature, and Business Communication.


Recent publications include:

  • Muzzillo, Jeanne Smith. “Positive Effects of Ambiguity When Created by Rhetorical Devices: To Be or Not To Be.”  Etc.: A Review of General Semantics  67.4 (2010): 452-468. Print.
  • Muzzillo, Jeanne Smith. “Perspective Giving and Taking in the Secondary English Class:  Considering the Case of Erin Gruwell.” Young Adult Literature and Adolescent Identity Across Cultures and Classrooms. Ed. Janet Alsup. New York:  Routledge, 2010. 173-187. Print.

Research interests include:

  • Developing alternative methods for teaching grammar
  • Teacher and student identity formation
  • Bridging race divides with oral performance
  • Humor mechanisms, particularly as strands in prose literature
  • Use of role theory and theater performance applications for private meaning construction
  • Designing ELA classroom practice to meet social justice national standards for teacher education - specifically by studying empathy


Dr. Muzzillo serves on the English Education Committee in the Department of English, participates in accreditation processes for that program and is a yearly volunteer literacy tutor at youth outreach programs in Peoria.